Unsuspicious Season 1 Ending Explained – Who killed Jorginho Peixoto?


The next victim

What happened prior to the finale?

As the story continues and Nunes steps up his investigative efforts, he teams up with Yara to try and find the person responsible for killing Jorginho. It would seem that everyone has secrets.

Patricia is having an affair with Darlison, Thyellen has faked a pregnancy to blackmail Jorginho while we know the culprit is left-handed.

The big twist at the end of episode 7 saw Nunes break into Washington’s room while Yara distracted him. There, Nunes found numerous ID cards and passports. And it soon becomes clear that Washington is not really a butler. His real name is Marconi Goncalves and he struck a deal with Jorginho to secure a new identity for himself.

Who killed Jorginho?

So episode 9 of Unsuspicious picks up after the bombshell reveal about Washington and his true identity. Nunes pins him as the killer, giving him a good motive to do so, deducing that he killed his pupil. Marconi shrugs it off, claiming they should just forget all of this and leave the place very rich. After all, everyone sitting around the dinner table had a motive and reason for killing Jorginho.

Washington calls out all the lies around the table, including Darlison’s affair with Patricia, Thyellen messing about with the church’s finances, along with her fake pregnancy scam.

He also calls out Mauricio as the one who planned to blow up Jorginho with a gas leak in the shed. As for Xandra, Washington calls her out for her secret love of Patricia. And finally, he throws shade at Bete for lying about Yara’s true parentage. Phew! This big recap of the secrets embroiled across the season catches us up to the here and now.

What happens to Marconi? Is he stopped?

There’s more drama though as lightning continues to crackle outside and the lights flicker on and off. With secrets all round the mansion, Washington/Marconi slips away, taking money out Jorginho’ssafe and bundling the statue down to Jorginho’s office. Yara catches up with him and demands the truth. It’s here we learn that Jorginho wasn’t actually her father.

When Nunes stumbles into the room, Marconi takes the gun he drops on the floor and holds Yara up at gunpoint. Yara slips away, Marconi misses his shot but he strikes the statue instead, which breaks and begins pouring out gold. Marconi makes his way to the roof, where a helicopter is waiting to get him. Naturally, in true dramatic fashion, he misses the ladder and tumbles off the roof into a flowerbed.

Do all the characters get some closure?

Off the back of this, Yara confronts her mother about the truth. And the truth is, she genuinely doesn’t know who her father is. Bete has always been her mother and father, raising the girl herself. She doesn’t regret that but as tears sting her eyes, Yara smiles at her distraught mum and understands what she’s been through.

Patricia and Darlison both patch up their differences, realizing they had alternate plans to high-tail it out. Darlison refuses Patricia’s advances, while Mauricio speaks to Thyellen, learning she’s a virgin.

They both express their interest in one another, with Mauricio eventually kissing her to seal the deal. Raul’s expression of love toward Xandra isn’t quite so successful!

Is anyone arrested for Jorginho’s death?

A few days later, Nunes arrives at the mansion and declares the case closed due to a lack of a defendant. However, he has managed to piece together what actually happened.

Originally, they thought Jorginho had died from the stabbing inflicted by Xandra. However, as we see from flashbacks, Jorginho was already dead at that point.

The autopsy shows that Jorginho died from heart failure. Now, this could well be linked back to his big argument with BeteĀ  but there’s more to it than that. Thyellen was obviously still trying to sabotage Jorginho at this point, refusing to help the playboy while he was clutching his chest.

The true murder weapon actually happens to be poisoned tea, which started all of this. The nine suspects in the room narrowly avoid being incriminated because Marconi is the one responsible.

How does Unsuspicious season 1 end?

With the case wrapped up, everyone begins smashing the statues in the garden, desperate to find more gold. And of course, they come up short and eventually decide to sell the mansion. And it’s all a happy ending right? Well… no.

Yara approaches the detective and informs him of another big twist. Marconi missed the helicopter up on the roof because he was pushed. But who pushed him? I guess we’ll have to wait for a possible season 2!


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