Unstable – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

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Episode 6 if Unstable picks up with Jackson telling Malcolm about his wonderful night with Ruby. Following that, Jackson informs Malcolm that his professor, who is visiting town, wishes to meet him, which makes him quite excited. Following that, Jackson discovers that his professor is only meeting with him to entice his father to give a commencement speech, which upsets him.

Ellis gives a brief speech to the scientists in the lab before dismissing them to get to work. Anna speaks with Ellis, who informs her that at the next board meeting, they must show the members concrete made from captured carbon. Anna is relieved because Ellis appears to be determined to complete the task. To conclude, Ellis requests that Anna write his commencement speech with Malcolm’s help.

When Luna inquires about Ruby’s night with Jackson, she appears paranoid because Jackson is a nice guy with whom she could have a real relationship, whereas she is used to being with bad guys.

Ruby tells Luna that Jackson has asked her out again, and she thinks things are moving too quickly. Furthermore, she panics because she worries he believes it is the start of their relationship. Luna advises her to change her patterns by giving Jackson a chance, to which she agrees.

While Anna and Malcolm work collaboratively on the commencement speech, Ruby and Jackson have an awkward moment in the lab. Ruby tries to remain calm in the face of the situation, but seeing Jackson treat her like his girlfriend freaks her out.

Luna improves Ellis’ compound in the lab, but she is afraid of undermining Ellis. Ruby is also nervous about breaking up with Jackson because she is unsure how he will respond. The two of them decide not to prioritize other people’s feelings over what is right.

Jackson and Jean are practicing their instruments when Jackson tells her about Ellis kidnapping and imprisoning his therapist in his basement. Following that, Ellis joins in and takes all of Jean’s attention, which upsets Jackson.

Following that, in private, Jackson tells Ellis to stop hogging all of Jean’s attention because he believes she is the only one who isn’t using Jackson to get favors from Ellis. Ellis doesn’t understand what Jackson is implying and dismisses it.

Luna informs Ruby in the lab that her discovery contradicts Ellis’ thesis and that she has decided to delete her work. Ruby then notifies Luna that she has decided to give Jackson a day or two before breaking up with him. Soon after, Jackson ends his relationship with Ruby, stating that he needs to focus on his father’s situation.

Anna is giving Malcolm a hard time. When Malcolm finally confronts her about it, she tells him she’s doing it to toughen him up.

Meanwhile, Ellis is at his second job, where he is seen attempting to climb a tree, but being inferior to a superior worker makes him realize what Jackson was telling him is true.

Ellis meets Jackson and informs him of his newfound realization. He empathizes with Jackson and agrees not to hog Jean’s attention. Jackson appreciates Ellis’s understanding.

Ellis meets Luna and informs her that he found her deleted work. He also tells her not to be concerned about how he will react and that he does not want her to live in his shadow. This conversation leads Luna to the decision to be brave and end her relationship with Brian. Thereafter, Ellis is seen at the convention giving his speech.

The Episode Review

The episode is lighthearted, witty, and entertaining. We see that Ruby and Jackson’s relationship does not work out, but the situation is presented in a humorous manner, which eases the tension.

Luna also decides to end her relationship with her boyfriend. Over the course of the previous episodes, we learned that she was dissatisfied with her relationship but was unwilling to end it. She also appears to be interested in Jackson. Given that they both ended their relationships, it will be interesting to see if the show builds on this.

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