Unstable – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Beautiful Birthday Bastards

Episode 5 of Unstable picks up with Ellis accidentally hitting the twin Chaz with his car. To make matters worse, the twins accuse Ellis of plotting Chaz’s murder on his birthday.

Ellis and Anna attempt to rectify the situation by claiming that they wanted to surprise them on their birthday and therefore purchased gifts. They say they forgot the gift and will give it to them the next day because they don’t have it with them.

The next morning, Anna and Ellis are debating what to get the twins in order to keep Ellis out of prison. Jackson informs Ellis that the lab workers are taking an early break and going to the bar that night. Meanwhile, Ruby and Luna are discussing going to the bar that night in the lab. Ruby then informs Luna of her situation with Jackson.

Ellis and Anna go to the twins’ house and surprise them with a two-seater bicycle. However, the twins dislike their present given they’ve received the same gift from other people. To make things right, Anna and Ellis end up taking the twins to the bar, claiming they’ve planned a birthday celebration for them.

Ruby, Jackson, Luna, and Malcolm meet at the bar. Ruby and Jackson then go to drink by themselves to get some alone time. At the same time, the HR guy arrives, and Luna pressures Malcolm to spend time with him, which he does after some damage control.

Ruby and Jackson appear to be having a good time. However, Ruby’s old hookup buddy shows up, and she ends up talking with him while ignoring Jackson, which upsets Jackson. Jackson then returns to the table where Luna is seated and strikes up a conversation with her.

Ruby appears to be leaving with Cooper after a while, which upsets Jackson. Thereafter, Ellis and Anna show up at the bar with the twins and they string in the entire lab team to play along with their birthday celebration lie and it ends up working out, given that the twins aren’t bright.

Luna and Jackson hit it off after Ruby appears to leave, given Luna seems to be avoiding her boyfriend who is at home. Ruby appears just as Luna and Jackson are about to leave to get pancakes. She continues by telling Jackson that she was leaving Cooper in a cab.

After that, Luna offers to back out, just as Ruby and Jackson leave. After a while, Luna comes out of her shell and dances on the dancefloor after Jackson leaves, and the others join her.

The Episode Review

At this point, the show reminds me of The Office a lot. This is a workplace comedy; the protagonist is similar to Michael but smarter, and the side characters are quirky. The storyline isn’t all that memorable but the humour most certainly is!

This episode focuses a lot on the twins, who were previously minor characters with few lines. The twins are entertaining to watch throughout.

We concludes with Ruby leaving with Jackson and making out with him. The two appear to be into each other; it will be interesting to see where the storyline of the show heads from here on.

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