Unstable – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Pilgrims and Sex Parties

Episode 4 of Unstable begins with Anna informing Ellis that his absurd photograph has gone viral and that many memes have been created and circulated. As she is discussing damage control, Ellis, being his quirky odd self, is in his head.

When Anna jolts him awake, he tells her he was on a tree with monkeys. Anna then informs him that his friend and best ally on the board, Jean, has arrived to assist him.

Meanwhile, Malcolm is getting coffee when he runs into a guy from HR, and they end up having an odd, awkward conversation about spanking.

Jean meets Ellis, who is delighted to see her. After that, she asks how he’s holding up, and he tells her that he misses his wife. As fate would have it, she misses her too. She apologizes for missing the board meeting, and admits that the board members are discussing his replacement, and she suggests that he do some damage control by working in the lab, to which he agrees.

Ruby and Luna talk about Jackson in the lab. Ruby tells Luna that she likes Jackson and would like to go out with him if she is okay with it. Luna hints that she isn’t, and Ruby agrees not to see him. Malcolm then walks in and tells Ruby and Luna that he has a crush on the HR guy but is afraid to ask him out because it could get him fired. Ruby suggests that they use science to see if the HR guy likes him, and then he can ask him out.

Anna directs Ellis to the lab since he has decided to start working, and she informs Jackson, Luna, and Ruby of this. Anna then walks away. Ellis begins crying uncontrollably as he works with the microscope but despite Jackson trying to console him, nothing works.

Anna approaches the twins of the board at their house and blackmails them into not ruining it for Ellis. She then shows them an embarrassing video of them acting like pilgrims and threatens to show it to their friends, who are sensitive to discrimination. They then back out.

Jean and Jackson are seen at Jean’s house playing instruments. Jackson then tells Jean about seeing his father cry in the lab. After that, Jean pushes him to help his father deal with the situation.

Ellis and his therapist, who are now friends, are discussing his situation, and his therapist friend suggests that he get away and go on holiday with him to Spain. Thereafter, Jackson walks in and talks to his dad about what happened in the lab. Jackson then advises him to pinch his butt when he feels overwhelmed because it works for him. Jackson goes on to say that the pain keeps him grounded, to which Ellis expresses gratitude for his advice.

The twins arrive at Anna’s office the next day and discover her cringey fan fiction about the office. They then blackmail her by threatening to show it to her coworkers if she releases their videos.

In the lab, Ruby and Luna devise a way of finding out if the HR guy likes Malcolm and instruct him on what to do next. It turns out that the HR guy is interested in him, however it doesn’t work out. Furthermore, according to the experiment, Luna discovers that Jackson may have feelings for her as well, which freaks her out because she already has a boyfriend, so she asks Ruby to go out with him.

Ellis arrives in the lab, hoping not to cry this time because of Jackson’s advice, but he ends up crying anyway. Furthermore, Jackson’s advice is useless. Following that, Jackson pinpoints the source of his crying as being afraid of disappointing his deceased wife. Following that, Jackson attempts to talk Ellis out of it.

Ellis achieves a breakthrough, which Anna praises. Anna then informs him about the fan fiction situation so the two set out to exact revenge on the twins by pranking them. In doing so, Ellis accidentally hits one of the twins with his car!

The Episode Review

The episode is lighthearted and enjoyable to watch, with all of the humor intact. Furthermore, the protagonist of the show will undoubtedly remind you of Michael from The Office owing to their similar temperament.

Sian Clifford’s performance in this episode in particular steals the show. In addition, Luna is a quirky and entertaining character who shines too.

Except for the protagonist’s therapist being his friend, and the connotations that could bring, the show as a whole has been extremely entertaining to binge watch up to this point.

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