Unstable – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

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Episode 3 of Unstable begins with Ellis elated because Jackson is joining his company. He asks Jackson if he wants to have sushi for dinner with him, but Ellis is disappointed when Jackson informs him that he already has plans. Thereafter, Ellis’ therapist arrives at his home and informs him that he wishes to move back in. Ellis initially refuses, but when the therapist presses him, he backs down.

Jackson advises Ellis not to make a big deal out of him joining his company. Despite this, Ellis throws a welcome celebration at his workplace, which makes Jackson uncomfortable. Jackson then asks Ruby out, and she says yes.

Anna asks Ellis if, despite his fragile mental health, he called reporter Allison Davis to visit their workplace for a couple of days, and he says yes. Ellis justifies his actions by claiming that it is a good way to change the narrative of the latest negative press. Anna warns him that having Allison Davis snooping around is not a good idea, but he refuses to listen.

Thereafter, Anna tries to prepare for the reporters’ visit, which includes getting rid of Ellis’ peculiar things and telling Jackson to make the researchers in the lab look cool.

Ellis meets with the reporter, and the first question she asks is about his deteriorating mental health following the death of his wife. Following that, she digs a little deeper, and Ellis initially answers all of her questions very well, but he eventually talks strangely, giving the impression that he is attracted to his hawk.

Anna then takes the reporter to the lab to meet the researchers Ruby and Luna. In an attempt to appear cool, Luna confidently tells the reporter that they have cured gravity. Meanwhile, Jackson informs Ellis of his date with Ruby, and Ellis advises him to act as if he doesn’t care so that he can enjoy his date. Later that day, Jackson ruins his date with Ruby by telling her that he doesn’t care when she tells him about her cat.

The following day, Ellis informs Anna that Jackson no longer takes his help. Anna advises him to assist Jackson in becoming the best version of himself.

In an attempt to fix the gravity incident with the reporter, Luna makes matters worse by claiming that they have secret code words because they think Elon Musk is spying on them. Anna eventually resolves the situation by telling the reporter that Luna’s mental health is deteriorating.

Jackson apologizes to Ruby for saying he doesn’t care on their date. He then tells her the truth about being nervous and following his father’s advice. He also tells her that he cares and gives her cat a toy, which impresses Ruby and makes her forgive him.

Later that day, the reporter hears Ellis’ voice and follows it to find out what happened. Because he has his head in a jar, Anna tries to conceal him with an invisibility cloak. Unfortunately, she puts on the invisibility cloak backward, and the reporter photographs Ellis looking strange. The reporter then publishes that photograph in a magazine, further complicating matters.

The Episode Review

The show maintains its strangely hilarious style. Although the storyline of the show isn’t particularly fascinating, it has a humorous edge to it that will keep you watching and make you crack up.

Having said that, the show does a poor job of portraying a therapist in a realistic manner. Although we can overlook it because it is done for humor, it may send the wrong message to the audience.

The show concludes with the reporter publishing a hilarious picture of Ellis in a magazine, further complicating matters. It’ll be interesting to see how Anna tries to deal with this issue while Ellis has the potential to make things even worse.

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