Unstable – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review


Episode 1 of Unstable begins with our protagonist Ellis experiencing mood swings. He can be seen crying to a YouTube video one minute and happily dancing to music in his room the next. Soon after, Ellis goes to work and makes small talk with his employees. Following that, he engages in some amusing banter with Sophia, one of his employees’ daughters. Thereafter, we discover that Ellis is an innovator in the field of Biotechnology.

Anna, the company’s Chief Financial Officer, is seen conversing with Ellis about his recent behavior. She asks if he’s all right. Following that, she informs him that he must attend a board meeting in 15 minutes. In addition, we learn that the company hired a therapist to ensure his well-being, but the therapist appears to have disappeared. Anna leaves, telling him not to be late for the meeting.

Anna enters Ellis’ office while he is naked, announcing that he is late for the meeting. When she asks what he’s up to, he says he wants to hold the board meeting in the sauna. Soon after, we learn that his late wife Katie died a few months ago. After this revelation, his behavior makes sense because he appears to be acting out. He requests that she leave. She tells him that the board meeting will be rescheduled, and he admits that he locked his therapist in the basement.

Anna leaves Ellis’ office and informs Malcolm, another employee, of the situation. She asks him to bring his son Jackson from New York to assist them in getting Ellis back on track. Meanwhile, Jackson is teaching a child to play the flute in New York. We learn from his conversation with the child that his relationship with Ellis is strained because Ellis tries to mold him into someone he isn’t.

Malcolm invites Jackson to dinner. After some small talk, Malcolm urges Jackson to accompany him to Los Angeles to help his father with his mental sanity. He is initially hesitant, but when Malcolm informs him of the gravity of the situation, he agrees to go with Malcolm for 24 hours.

Anna informs Jackson about his father’s latest projects and the situation with his father when he arrives at the office. In addition, Anna informs Jackson that Ellis no longer works on Tuesdays.

Jackson finds Ellis working on a landscaping crew. Following that, he mocks Jackson’s career as a flute player. After some back and forth, Jackson asks Ellis to take him to the lab and show him the project he’s working on. When Ellis refuses to listen, Jackson walks away, and Ellis follows. Ellis then takes Jackson to the lab.

At the lab, Jackson meets Luna and Ruby, the lab’s researchers, while learning about his dad’s new project from them. Ruby and Jackson appear to be getting along and Jackson informs her that he will only be there for 24 hours. Soon after, Ellis invites Jackson to karaoke night. He initially refuses, but eventually agrees to go.

Luna and Jackson wait outside the venue because they’re both reserved by temperament and seem to get along. Ellis and Jackson argue about Ellis attempting to change and failing to do his job properly. Jackson is on the verge of leaving when Ellis informs him that he misses his late wife. Jackson then sings at the Karaoke night, surprising his father.

Following that, Jackson and Ellis become vulnerable concerning Katie’s demise.¬†Anna informs him that his father has locked his therapist in his basement, which naturally shocks Jackson. Ellis explains that the therapist was blackmailing him and demanding a large sum of money in exchange for not submitting an unfavorable report about him to the board.

The Episode Review

The first episode sets the tone for Unstable, introducing us to the characters in a hilarious yet empathetic manner. As the title suggests, the central character of the show is unstable. The audience will undoubtedly chuckle as a consequence of his instability. Furthermore, the side characters are quirky and hilarious in their own way, adding depth and humor to the overall plot.

The central characters, Rob Lowe and John Owen Lowe, are brilliant in their roles. Furthermore, Sian Clifford, Rachel Marsch, and Aaron Branch are an absolute treat to watch.

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