Unsolved Mysteries Volume 3 Review – 9 more spine-chilling cases to chew through this Halloween season

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Mystery at Mile Marker
Something in the Sky
Body in Bags
Death in a Vegas Motel
Paranormal Rangers
What Happened To Josh?
Body in the Bay
The Ghost in Apartment 14
Abducted by a Parent


There’s just something about an unsolved mystery that send shivers down your spine. The original show, way back in 1987, ran for 15 seasons and was hugely popular. Using a mix of re-enactments and interviews to retell the circumstances of different mysteries, it became a household name on primetime TV. Never one to miss a trick for remaking a classic, Netflix dropped its own reimagining back in 2020, using many of the same stylistic hallmarks the classic had in abundance. And the result? A pretty gripping series that was certainly worth a watch.

The second volume seemed to go off the rails a bit, with mysteries that weren’t really all that mysterious and more geared toward digging up old cold case files and padding out the run-time with a lot of family history.

Now onto its third volume, Unsolved Mysteries doesn’t look like it’s about to slow down anytime soon and it brings with it a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. From the obligatory “strange lights in the sky” UFOs, across to Bigfoot, a fishy suicide and more, Unsolved Mysteries tries to bring back that variety the second volume lacked. And it does it pretty well.

With Netflix switching up its release schedule for this one, dropping 3 episodes each week rather than all in one hit, this experimental release could actually work in the show’s favour. This is one of those series that lives and dies by its “water cooler” chats and you can already tell there will be rampant discussions and theories about each of these cases in the weeks to follow.

The first, involving an 18 year old called Tiffany Valiante looks like a simple suicide case and I was about to chalk this up to the same until halfway through, when revealing details are dropped like nukes and change the entire complexion of the case. Not all are like this though, in truth, and others are much more straightforward in nature.

These true crime tales work around the paranormal and spooky phenomena, of which there are 3 nestled in here this time around. The show works well to mix things up and you can tell a lot of thought has been put into the episode order to try and maximize the amount you’re likely to watch – and bring back that much needed variety.

If you’ve watched previous volumes then the style of each chapter won’t have anything particularly new or different you haven’t seen before. Interviews with key witnesses and experts are interwoven around re-enacted segments and during some of the more seriously mysterious moments, the familiar Unsolved Mysteries theme picks up in the background, which is always a nice touch.

Having said that, the show still struggles with its pacing and, in particular, some of the more linear mysteries have an awful lot of padding to them. There’s a good deal of family history and background to each of these cases and while that’s great for some chapters, for others it feels a bit like overkill.

Despite that though, Unsolved Mysteries manages to return to form with its third volume, delivering a mix of creepy and spine-chilling cases that are perfect fodder to watch through this Halloween season.

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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