Unsolved Mysteries – Volume 2 Episode 2 Recap & Review

A Death In Oslo

Episode 2 of Unsolved Mysteries Volume 2 features one of the more intriguing mysteries out of the six new cases. Oslo, Norway is the location and it revolves around a young unidentified woman found dead in a hotel room. A single gunshot killed her, presumably as an act of suicide. But why was she in Oslo?

This whole mystery begins in May 1995. A woman checks in at a top luxury hotel in Oslo. Room 2805 is the one she’s given and 3 days into her stay, she hasn’t given a credit card.

She also sports a Do Not Disturb sign on her door which has been there for 2 days. As soon as an officer knocks, a gunshot goes off.

There was a 15 minute window here where the officer heads downstairs to get help. The door was double locked from the inside. There’s no trace of anyone else being there or a struggle taking place. 99% of this case chalks it up to being a suicide. Case closed right? Well… maybe not.

There’s peculiar facts associated with this case; she didn’t pay in advance, had no belongings, keys, ID or anything with her. She didn’t show her passport and was just given a hotel room. The only information is that given on the registration card, including the name Jennifer Fairgate.

In 1996 the case was closed as a suicide – with very little to go on. Although Jennifer Fairgate was buried, the case remains strange and unanswered. With very few answers and so many questions, what is the true story here?

Sketches bring up nothing and Jennifer’s posture throws up even more questions. She was holding a gun in a very strange way and the recoil with this particular pistol would have almost certainly caused it to fall out of her hand.

A crime scene investigator believes a second person was there. There’s no blood spots on her arm or hand either which backs up this very theory.

Looking at the timings, the police believed Jennifer spent most of her time in the hotel preparing for suicide. Only, when the maids arrived at 1pm on Thursday, there was no one in the room until 8.50am the next day when Jennifer showed up. So…where was she?

As Lars and Ola comb through the evidence together, it seems likely that this may have been an execution. It’s common practice in Intelligence services to cut out labels from clothes and it looks like someone cleaned up the case afterward.

But just what did happen? And who was this woman? Will we ever know?

The Episode Review

This case is definitely a strange one and there could be many theories. It seems the most likely is that this woman was working for Intelligence of some kind and was murdered. The 15 minute window is enough time for a professional to slip in and out and avoid detection.

The Intelligence Officer seems to back up this theory too, especially with Jennifer’s lack of personal belongings. The Belgium clue obviously led to nothing and the goose-chase elements going down to Belgium and interviewing different residents actually felt like a bit of a waste of time. Especially given they already knew she was allegedly from Germany.

Overall though, this one is a pretty intriguing case and leaves lots of question marks hanging over it. What about you guys? What do you think happened? Let us know in the comments below!

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