Unsolved Mysteries – Netflix Season 1 Review

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Volume 1

Mystery On The Rooftop
13 Minutes
House of Terror
No Ride Home
Berkshires UFO
Missing Witness

Volume 2

Washington Insider Murder -| Review Score – 2.5/5
A Death In Oslo -| Review Score – 3.5/5
Death Row Fugitive
Tsunami Spirits
Lady in the Lake
Stolen Kids


Human beings will forever be fascinated with the unknown. From the big questions around our purpose in the universe to the unending debate raging on around science VS religion, these questions will almost certainly continue to remain unanswered. Thankfully, Unsolved Mysteries is back with a brand new platform and more juicy, unresolved cases to sink your teeth into as a temporary distraction from these big questions.

For those unaware of the original show from the late 80’s/early 90’s, Unsolved Mysteries is essentially the real-life version of The X-Files combining true crime cases and mysteries with an edge of paranormal and weirdness for good measure. The result is something that immediately feels right at home on Netflix given the platform’s dominance of the genre and the changes made to update this to a brand new audience are certainly welcome.

These sort of shows usually come with their own love/hate audience and if you’re in the mood for something a little spooky, a little unsettling and rife for a whole lot of debate, Unsolved Mysteries is just what the doctor ordered. Split across six very different but very strange episodes, the cases range from UFO sightings to undetermined causes of death. Each of them have their own talking head segments between family and friends through to police investigators and scientists.

Throughout each 45-55 minute episode the cases skip between interviews and fragments of re-enactments, across to archival footage and photographs from the time. The idea not to include full re-enactments is a smart one too, placing us at the centre of each of these mysteries rather than using those tried and tested tropes seen in shows like Dateline and 999 (the British version of Rescue 911). The result is something that immediately feels more engaging, helped somewhat by the ominous atmospheric music that underlies some of the talking points being discussed.

There’s certainly plenty of scope for more episodes to come in the near future too and no doubt true crime fans will be right at home with this documentary series. Each of the episodes build up a pretty compelling case within their respective episodes and it helps to make the show feel that much more authentic and binge-worthy as you work your way through what’s here.

Unsolved Mysteries is quite simply well worth a watch. It’s a delightful series of weird and unexplained cases that will almost certainly cause plenty of discussions and debates to rage in the near future over what really happened to each of these people. The show does an excellent job fueling that fire too and the result is something that’s both mysterious and dramatic enough to hook you in and keep you watching through each of the 6 episodes.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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