UnPrisoned – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

In Dad We Distrust

Paige is seen making a live video and speaking to her viewers about trust as episode 4 of Unprisoned starts. Following that, we see her telling Etsy about Mal. When Paige tells her how open she is with Mal about what she wants, Etsy reminds her of Bill. Paige then informs Etsy that she is ready to take the extra step.

Edwin is seen at his new job as a thrift store helper, but soon Edwin requests a lunch break. When they refuse, he takes one anyway and meets Paige and Finn for lunch.

Whilst there, Edwin tells Paige about his new job and how he didn’t tell her about not getting hired at the previous one. This infuriates Paige immensely. Paige then walks away, second-guessing everything.

Still mulling things over, Paige returns home later at night. When Edwin tries to talk to her, she tells him to tell her the truth, which he does. Paige refuses to trust Edwin and walks away.

To try and get her mind off things, Paige has sex with Mal. When Mal asks what she wants to do, she tells him. However, it appears to turn her off because she has previously been involved with selfish lovers. Furthermore, her problems with her father are the final nail in the coffin, and she makes an excuse and stops.

When Edwin returns from his lunch break at work, he is warned not to repeat what he did or else he’ll be fired. Not long after this incident, another worker cuts himself, and Edwin pushes him to go to the hospital without asking for permission to take a break. Meanwhile, Paige informs Etsy about her inability to have sex with Mal, and later realizes the reason behind that.

Greg, the manager of the thrift store, fires the employee for going to the hospital without asking permission. This upsets Edwin immensely.
Meanwhile, Paige is having a conversation with Finn about Edwin at home. Finn tells Paige that she is being harsh to Edwin.

Edwin talks to Nadia about his job and how unhappy he is with it. Nadia instead suggests he start his own business before asking him to leave.

Paige has dinner with Mal and apologizes for the previous day. Mal truly understands and supports Paige though, which impresses her. Following that, Paige and Mal discuss the ethical difficulties that come with dating because his job entails keeping an eye out for Edwin, who’s recently come out of prison.

Paige has a conversation with Edwin the next morning. She admits to being harsh to him and accepts responsibility for that. Furthermore, she praises Edwin for his hard work. In return, Edwin is vulnerable and honest with her about his situation.

As a result of clearing the air, Paige is able to make love to Mal now and things seem to be moving up for her. As for Edwin, he confronts Greg about his mistreatment of employees, and decides to quit as a result.

Later that day, Edwin shows Paige and Finn his bike and tells them about his new business idea.

The Episode Review

The episode begins with another live video. In all honesty, these live videos the episodes starts off with are arguably the most disappointing part about the show. Our protagonist is a strange therapist who makes these live videos and rants to her audience about her problems, clearly exaggerating everything.

However, the rest of the episode is lighthearted and touching. Paige’s relationship problem with Mal is well resolved, though it seems a little unrealistic for it to be fixed so quickly. Having said that, the resolution between Paige and her father is heartfelt and adds a lot of depth to this episode.

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