UnPrisoned – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

Are You My Mother Wound?

During her therapy session, Paige gives her client some advice as episode 3 of Unprisoned begins. Following that, she goes live and vents about her stepmother Nadine while complimenting her foster mother. Nadine happens to see the live feed and is upset because she believes Paige is being ungrateful for everything she has done for her. Thankfully, Edwin calms Nadine down after that.

Mal pays Edwin a visit to see how is doing. Mal inquires about Edwin’s job, about which he lies and Finn supports him. Mal speaks with Paige, and after some ranting about Nadine, Paige agrees to meet with Nadine if she apologizes.

Mal has a conversation with Paige before leaving, and they appear to like each other. Mal then walks away, and Paige is seen smiling to herself.

Paige, Nadine, and Edwin have breakfast. Paige and Nadine exchange pleasantries. Soon, however, things get heated, and Paige requests an apology, which Nadine refuses to provide, and Nadine points out to Paige’s live videos. Edwin tries to make things right, but everything goes horribly wrong, and Paige walks away to see her foster mother, whom she hasn’t seen in years.

Thereafter, Paige, Etsy, and Finn go to church to meet Carol, Paige’s foster mother. Carol is ecstatic to see Paige, as is Paige.

Paige has her foster mother and a few others over for a family lunch at her house. During a conversation, the reverend offers Edwin a job. He can’t accept it in front of Paige because he told her he was working. Finn, on the other hand, grabs a card from the Reverend and says it’s for when he needs a job.

Paige is surprised when Nadine arrives at the house because she was not invited. Paige seems to become upset when Nadine informs her that Edwin was the one who extended the invitation. Following that, Edwin apologizes to Paige for the past. Things get heated between Paige and Nadine over lunch, but Paige ends up thanking Nadine for everything after Edwin makes her understand.

Later that night, Edwin informs Finn that he no longer requires his assistance in covering for him. Finn informs Edwin that he’s got him and then hands him the card. Meanwhile, Mal has a heartfelt conversation with Paige, after which they kiss. Finn later tells Paige that he liked church and their family, which makes Paige happy.

The Episode Review

This episode has an excellent feel-good factor to it. Furthermore, it depicts very real issues, such as the difficulty of accepting a stepparent, which lends credibility to the storyline.

However, the show, and this episode in particular, does a poor job of showcasing a mental health professional, as well as exhibiting how therapy works. Paige, for instance, can’t seem to stop talking about herself and her problems during her sessions, which is something a therapist is not expected to do.

The show is light and entertaining, making it worth a binge-watch, but it’s certainly not without its problems.

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