UnPrisoned – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review

How To Be A Main bitch

Episode 2 of Unprisoned begins with our protagonist Paige live streaming and informing viewers that she is moving. Following that, she discusses attachment styles by projecting the subject matter on herself and her father.

Edwin tells his friend that he needs to get a driver’s license and a job. His friend then provides him with a driver’s manual. After some more chit-chat, the scene shifts to Paige.

Paige, her father, and her son move to a new home. Etsy, her foster sister, then enters and hypes Paige up. Etsy requests that Paige tear down a wall, but Paige refuses. Following that, Bill sends Paige a flower bouquet.

When Edwin questions Paige about why he didn’t come himself, Paige starts making excuses to justify the actions of her sloppy, almost divorced boyfriend. Her father tries to persuade her to see the truth, but she refuses to understand.

Edwin invites Finn to join him for ice cream, and Finn agrees. Instead of ice cream though, Edwin takes him to Nadine’s house, where he picks up his car. Edwin then asks Finn to drive.

Paige goes to Bill’s house. They go to a dance class after having sex. Meanwhile, Edwin is teaching Finn how to drive. Following that, Edwin goes to his old restaurant to look for work. He is hired after demonstrating his brilliant skills.

When someone asks Bill and Paige when they are getting married at the dance, Bill tells the girl that they are just dating, which upsets Paige. Furthermore, Paige gets to know that Bill’s wife doesn’t know about her. Paige later realizes that her father was completely right. Furthermore, when things get difficult, Bill refuses to talk to her and tells her that he’ll call her the following day.

The following day, Etsy comes to the house, and Paige tells her about her situation with Bill. Paige appears to be emotionally attached to Bill. Etsy advises her not to become overly attached. Paige informs her that she does not function that way.

Edwin invites Paige and Finn to dinner to celebrate his new job. Edwin notices Paige being upset and he inquires about it. Paige tells Edwin what happened with Bill, and Edwin tells her that Bill is unworthy of her. Paige then makes matters worse by leaving him a rather cringeworthy voicemail. Bill then calls it quits with her.

Paige proceeds to talk about Bill at dinner and refuses to see reason. When Edwin goes to the restroom, he learns from the guy who interviewed him that he can’t be hired because he’s a felon. As fate would have it, Finn overhears their conversation.

When Edwin returns to the table, he does not tell Paige about the job. Edwin tells Paige that she is the main bitch and that she deserves better than Bill. Paige appears to understand this time, and she takes her father seriously. Paige then tells Edwin that he is welcome to stay with them for as long as he needs. That night, Edwin asks Finn if he can drop him off at work the next day, and Finn agrees.

The Episode Review

The episode highlights a significant issue that felons face after serving their time in prison: finding work. This episode does a good job of showing that while remaining humorous and enjoyable.

The one area where this show appears to fall short is in its prejudices against Caucasians. I could have overlooked it if it had been a joke, but Edwin continues to make derogatory remarks, which is rather disappointing.

Despite this though, the episode is entertaining, and I can’t wait to see what happens next, given that Edwin was not hired. We can’t help but wonder where he’s going if not to work, seeing as he requested Finn to drop him off to work.

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