Undone – Season 2 Episode 6 “Help Me” Recap & Review

Help Me

Episode 6 of Undone Season 2 starts with Alma in a precarious situation. She’s in the psych ward, desperate to get out but failing to use the fog to escape her predicament. Although she comes close to seeing Becca at one point, her sister’s echoing voice simply says “Good luck,” as the portal in her room disappears.

Alma winds up seeing Geraldine at the piano though, as she pleads with her grandmother to help. This is 30 years before she convinces Camila to give up Alejandra but Alma starts to understand the timeline. She believes that she’s been sent back to help; Geraldine claims defiantly that she “stopped all that”, when referencing the abilities.

The more Alma tries to help, the more she’s pushed away. She witnesses a young Jacob showing up from afar, giving his mother a bracelet and claiming that it’s there to help her.

Off the back of this, Alma plays the familiar “Rainbow Song” on the piano, which Geraldine recognizes. Alma agrees to show her how to play, but midway through Becca shows up with her portal, and Geraldine flees. Alma heads back through to her time.

Becca is encouraged to try and fix their family in this current timeline. The trouble is, Camila suggests to Jacob that they break up and get divorced, given their marriage has been over for years.  Alma wants to try and prevent that by changing the past and fixing all the issues in their life up until this point.

As everything grows heated, Jacob admits the truth about what happened in the previous life. Specifically how Jacob drove off the edge of the cliff and killed himself, consumed over the abilities, Telling Becca the truth about this, she’s shocked and is convinced that they should go back and fix everything. “The three of us together, we’d be unstoppable.” Eventually, Jacob agrees.

The time in question appears to be when Jacob and Camila head off to visit Geraldine at the hospital. Funnily enough, Geraldine can actually see them. As they sit on the sofa together, they watch as Camila and Geraldine grow closer together. They begin confiding in one another, doing their make-up and discussing secrets. Specifically, Camila’s adopted son.

Geraldine is rattled upon hearing her daughter-in-law’s secret and suggests it would be better if she leaves Alejandro. “This baby is a blessing.” Geraldine says, touching her belly.

Speaking from her own experience, she tells Camila to move on past her son. This cuts Camila deeply, and seeing it in all its raw truth is hard to stomach.

When Camila leaves, Jacob sits down and apologizes for not being there for his mother. He also urges her to speak to Camila again and rescind what she initially said.

When Alma points out the piece on her collage, the bit she doesn’t want to look at, Alma realizes that this stems all the way back to Alma’s wooden door. Remember that soft crying from before? Well, it would appear that this crying is actually Geraldine when she was younger. Or Ruchel as she was known back then.

When Jacob asks her to open up, she does just that… and leaves us on an almighty cliffhanger!

The Episode Review

Undone Season 2 delivers another great episode, this time showing that everything is connected between the past and present. It would appear that we’ve got a paradox time loop going on here, especially if Alma teaching Geraldine that song is anything to go by.

It would appear that whatever has happened in this reality has always happened this way, meaning Alma and Becca were always meant to tap into the timeline. At least, that’s the interpretation I’m gaining from what we’ve seen so far.

However, we’re gearing up for the timeline being changed completely now, and with the wooden door open and all manner of memories about to come flooding through, who knows how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Regardless, everything is just starting to get interesting now, and with two episodes left, who knows where this one is likely to go next!

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