Undone – Season 2 Episode 5 “Lungs” Recap & Review


Episode 5 of Undone Season 2 starts with Jacob, Becca and Alma all heading off together to find Alejandro. They track down the house from their past flashbacks, and as they knock at his door, they’re all surprised to find Camila answering.

It’s here we jump back in time and see more of Alejandro’s backstory, including how he grew up working in the oil fields He was also given a number for Camila too, explaining the phone calls and why Camila has been so frazzled.

On the phone, Camila admits that she’s glad they’ve found one, and suggests they meet up. When they do, the pair warmly embrace as they try to catch up on lost time.

Alejandro wants to meet the girls but Camila is not so sure, unwilling to give up the facade of her perfect life. “Someday. Maybe.” She says in reply.

When Jacob starts asking about her phone calls, Camila backs off a little and reduces their encounters to sending birthday and Christmas cards to one another. They also meet each other in secret.

As the years pass, Alejandro’s coughing gets worse. The root cause of this appears to stem from his work, and we eventually find out why.

When Alejandro shows up at Camila’s house (catching us up to Becca’s memories), Camila scrambles inside his car and urges her son to leave. She points out that Becca’s wedding is coming up and he can’t be seen there.

Alejandro sombrely confirms that the doctors have found scarring in his lungs. This appears to be from the silica dust he’s been working with and the doctors want to take lung tissue from him. Alejandro wants his mother with him but Camila admits that it’s hard for her to get away. She promises to send money for the surgery (hence the $5000 being wired) and eventually tells him to leave.

This is what changed Camila’s mind. Coupled with her girls questioning Alejandro, Camila decides to head off to Mexico to be with her son after all.

As fate would have it, they all end up with a family reunion anyway, as Jacob heads inside and admits that he’s sorry that Camila couldn’t tell him the truth.

When Alejandro finds out Camila could have taken him back but chose to hide her “mistake”, it cuts deep and he’s unsure how to respond. Eventually he asks them all to leave so he can be alone.

In the hallway, Becca decides not to dig into Camila’s history until Alma points out that there’s a crying baby behind her door. She urges Becca to trust her and be the “big family hero”, jumping back in time and stopping Geraldine (Jacob’s mum) from telling Camila not to adopt Alejandro.

Of course, in jumping back through time it could cause the timeline to distort and change completely. Eventually Becca agrees and opens a portal to send her sister to the hospital. Only, she does so at the wrong time.

An orderly nearby grabs an incredulous Alma and takes her into an empty room. She’s a patient now, and seemingly stuck in this time. Uh oh.

The Episode Review

The truth about Alejandro is finally laid out for all to see and it’s quite the poignant story. Not only is it clear that Camila has lied, it would also appear that the family would have been absolutely fine with Alejandro being part of their family.

The show continues to deliver these interesting themes around the main premise of the show and the end of this episode seems to hint that we’re about to dive into a separate time altogether, with Alma struggling to get out and make it back to her own timeline.

Is she stuck there for good? Will Becca manage to save her? We’ll have to wait and see!

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