Undone – Season 2 Episode 4 “Reflections” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Undone Season 2 starts with Alma holding Becca as the door swings open to this orange house. It belongs to Rosario. Rosario Alejandro. She’s the painter we’ve been hearing about and also the woman from episode 1 who greeted Alma outside the cave. It appears she’s a key part of Camila’s past.

So what’s going on with Becca? Well, according to Rosario she needs grounding. “Her branches are spreading faster than her roots.” She says.  This could well be the result of her constant timeline meddling. Rosario’s role here is that she’s a healer. Or curandera, as Alma puts it.

Rosario first met Camila when she was out crying in her courtyard following the break-up to Reyes. Rosario asked if she needed help and Camila agreed that she did. Camila rented a room in Rosario’s house while she mended from heartbreak.

As Alma wrestles with the gravity of this, the fog returns as Rosario references that locked door from before and how Alma is the one afraid of seeing what’s behind it. When she stops to listen, Alma hears muffled crying.

Becca awakens but finds herself frazzled and slipping. She sees a baby in her arms and then hears a baby crying in a pram at the other side of the room. It’s a manifestation of her fears, as Jacob appears and she and Alma start arguing.

That argument spills over outside too, as Alma pleads with her father to look into the past and how this perfect life they have isn’t so perfect after all. This certainly has an effect on Jacob though, as these past memories start to bleed through, including how Camila and Jacob first met.

Eventually Jacob sits down with Alma that night and admits that there’s definitely something going on with Camila. Jacob reveals that there’s been something Camila has had hidden since they first met but he hasn’t pried into this to find out exactly what’s happening.

Through Becca, we seem to get more context here, as it would appear Becca gave up a child – a child called Alejandro, named after Rosario Alejandro. This helps to explain what their mother is hiding.

The Episode Review

An absolutely fascinating episode reveals what’s happening with Camila and puts everything we’ve found out thus far into context. It turns out Camila wasn’t having an affair after all, she actually had a child that she regrettably gave up.

It’s a heart-breaking reveal and something that causes a great deal of pain – especially having to go back and experience all of this again.

The series has done a fantastic job stringing along this mystery and the episode title – Reflections – is a fitting one given that’s what we’re currently doing with our various characters.

Undone has been excellent so far, just like the first season, and that cliffhanger leaves plenty of food for thought going into the next chapters.

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