Under the Gun – K-drama Episode 4 Recap & Review

Episode 4

Episode 4 of Under the Gun kicks off with Se Young and Go Gun strolling down the street. Go Gun offers to walk Se Young home, but she insists on accompanying him to the convenience store where he works the night shift. Along the way, Se Young asks Go Gun why he works so hard, and he reveals that his sister is sick and needs a bone marrow transplant. He’s saving up for her procedure.

As the episode unfolds, we see Se Young helping Go Gun arrange products in the aisles of the convenience store. Tae Ha observes all of this, and Se Young’s growing closeness to Go Gun only fuels Tae Ha’s hatred towards him. Tae Ha’s expression suggests he’s plotting something to make Go Gun suffer once again.

On the flip side, the doctor informs Go Gun and his father about a procedure that could save his sister’s life. The only catch is that it’s expensive but highly effective. When Go Gun visits his sister, Jun Hee, she tells him not to push himself too hard. “I don’t want to be a burden on you,” Jun Hee says to Go Gun. Later, Go Gun sits outside her hospital room, crying and blaming himself for not being able to do more for his sister.

That same night, Tae Ha shows up where Go Gun works and challenges him to a game. He proposes that if Tae Ha wins, Go Gun must stop seeing Se Young. Go Gun, however, refuses and walks away. This infuriates Tae Ha, who decides to get back at him by tipping off the cops about the illegal gambling den where Go Gun works to save money. As a result, Go Gun and many clients are arrested on the spot.

Tae Ha stands outside the gambling den as Go Gun is being arrested, making it clear that he was the one who tipped off the cops. Eventually, Ji Chul and Se Young come to the rescue and manage to free Go Gun. However, Go Gun informed that he’ll have to appear in juvenile court in a couple of days.

Se Young tries to persuade Go Gun to quit working at the gambling den and instead use his skills to enter a poker competition where he can win fair and square. She hands him the leaflet and asks him to reconsider his decision.

When Go Gun returns home, he finds his father sitting at the table with cards and betting chips. His father gives him a choice: if Go Gun wins, he’ll enter the competition, but if he loses, things will go the other way.

The Episode Review

It seems like Go Gun’s life is getting really complicated. He might have to break his promise to himself and start gambling, something he vowed never to do.

Everything is riding on a game, and to prevent his father from suffering, he might have to win it. In the last two episodes, you can expect to see Go Gun entering the competition and possibly winning it.

However, even if he wins the competition, it’s not certain that he’ll win Se Young’s heart, especially with Tae Ha working against him.

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