Under the Gun – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Under The Gun kicks off with Se Young reminiscing about Go Gun, remembering the rare smiles he shared with her. She decides to visit the convenience store where Go Gun works, but he’s nowhere to be found. Little does she know, Go Gun is actually working at an underground gambling den, serving drinks to high-paying clients where he is warned to keep quiet for his own good.

Trouble finds him on his first day when a muscular client accuses him of dealing rigged cards. Fate intervenes as Se Young ends up at Go Gun’s doorstep after saving a man from being robbed by a couple of teenagers—only to discover he’s Go Gun’s father. Seeing his bruised face, Se Young feels sorry for him as always. Inside the house, she also finds unpaid invoices, hinting at Go Gun and his family’s financial struggles.

Se Young musters up some courage and asks Go Gun a question despite him saying no. She wants to know how Go Gun knows Tae Ha, but Go Gun brushes it off, simply saying he knows him. It’s clear there’s a troubled history between Tae Ha and Go Gun that Go Gun isn’t keen on discussing. Se Young, on the other hand, knows Tae Ha from living in the same neighbourhood.

As it gets late, Go Gun asks Se Young to leave, but she agrees only if she can tend to his wounds. The situation takes a romantic turn, and the two end up sharing a kiss. The next morning, Go Gun’s father apologizes for always bringing trouble but Go Gun reassures him, telling him not to worry and to rest, as he’ll take care of everything.

The next morning, during music class, Se Young’s classmates tease her about possibly two-timing and dating both Tae Ha and Go Gun simultaneously. Se Young makes it clear that it’s not the case at all. After class, she gives Go Gun a burger, knowing he probably didn’t have time to eat this morning.

Their ensuing conversation also kind of hints that they’re now officially a couple, even though they haven’t yet put a label on it. Later, Se Young visits Go Gun at the bar, where Jung gives her a pamphlet about an upcoming gambling contest. Jung says that Go Gun is an exceptional poker player but has no interest in participating because of what this game did to his family.

The Episode Review 

It looks like Go Gun might be facing a tough decision soon. Even though he’s wary of gambling because of how it affected his family, he might consider joining a competition to help them out of their financial problems.

His dad, who used to be a famous poker player, lost everything to gambling, leaving the family with no money. In the next episode, it seems like Se Young will give Go Gun a magical lamp and push him to use his talents to support his family, and this time, Go Gun might listen.

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