Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7

Under the Banner of Heaven, a new FX limited series on Hulu, is set in a small town outside of Salt Lake City, Utah–one with a heavy Mormon population. One of those members of the LDS Church is Detective Jeb Pyre (Andrew Garfield).

This true-crime inspired drama follows Jeb in his attempts to crack the case of who murdered Brenda Wright Lafferty (Daisy Edgar-Jones) and her baby daughter Erica. But Jeb finds his faith tested when case leads implicate a radical section of Utah’s Mormon community.

If a true crime drama piques your interest, you’ll likely want to know the release date for the next episode.

Here is everything you need to know about Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7, including its release date, time and where you can watch it.

Is Under the Banner of Heaven Based on a True Story?

Under the Banner of Heaven is adapted from John Krakauer’s true-crime nonfiction book of the same name. The Hulu drama fictionalizes some aspects of the story (like Andrew Garfield’s character), but otherwise follows closely to the true history.

As in the book, the series explores the case of Brenda Wright Lafferty’s and her daughter’s brutal killings. It proceeds to uncover who was behind the murders while tying the crime to the history of patriarchal ideals and the rise of fundamentalism in the Mormon faith.

Under the Banner of Heaven Cast

Andrew Garfield and Daisy Edgar-Jones are just a sample of Under the Banner of Heaven’s talented cast. Garfield and Gil Burningham play Detectives Jeb Pyre and Bill Taba, who lead the charge in the Brenda Lafferty investigation. Playing Brenda is Jones, alongside Billy Howle as her husband, Allen Lafferty.

The cast also includes Sam Worthington as Ron Lafferty, Wyatt Russell as Dan Lafferty, Seth Numrich as Robin Lafferty, Denise Gough as Dianna Lafferty, and Chloe Pirrie as Matilda Lafferty.

Where Can I Watch Under the Banner of Heaven?

Under the Banner of Heaven episodes will be released by FX on Hulu for U.S. residents to stream. For viewers outside the U.S., Disney announced in March that the series will soon be coming to Disney Plus.

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 Release Date

Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 will release on Hulu on Thursday 2nd June at 12:01 a.m. EST and 4:01 a.m. GMT.

Episode 7 is titled “Blood Atonement,” and will be roughly one hour long.

How Many Episodes Will Under the Banner of Heaven Have?

Under the Banner of Heaven will be a 7-episode miniseries. The show released 2 episodes in its premier week and now releases 1 episode a week. “Blood Atonement” will be the series finale.

Is There a Trailer for Under the Banner of Heaven?

Yes, there is! You can find a trailer for Under the Banner of Heaven below:

What Happened in Episode 6?

In Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 6, Onias persuades Ron to step into the role of The One Mighty and Strong. Brenda seeks a divorce from Allen, but Mormom authorities exhort her to bring the Lafferty family back to the fold instead. Disheartened by the facts of the case, Jeb Pyre questions his faith.

We’ve covered the entire episode with a lengthy recap that touches on all major plot points and discusses the chapter with an accompanying review. You can find that link below.

Read more: Under the Banner of Heaven – Episode 6 “Revelations” Recap & Review

What do you hope to see as the series progresses? What’s been your favorite moment of Under The Banner Of Heaven so far? Let us know in the comments below!


9 thoughts on “Under the Banner of Heaven Episode 7 Preview: Release Date, Time & Where to Watch”

  1. They have not even touched on the more outlandish beliefs of the Mormon Church. The worst is that the men —if they are good Mormons and marry in the Temple, can all turn into gods themselves someday and rule over their own planet earth making “spirit babies” with their Mormon goddess wife to populate that earth. It’s why Mormons have to have so many babies as a sort of duty to produce the vessels for “Father God.” Mormon men are all “gods in embryo” so that’s why when they say they have heard from Father God this that and the other thing, they must be listened to as they are all “Demi-gods.” Yet the Mormon leadership or “Prophets are supposed to usurp anyone else and in that sense they rule with an iron fist.

    It’s a cult. The whole big fat church is the only cult in
    American history that managed to mainstream itself into our society.

  2. @Karen- I immediately recognized the book (the big red one 🙂 Andrew/Jeb was holding in his lap in the garage scene and called its author, Sandra. She hadn’t seen the episode, though she’s following the series.

    I joked that it was like he was watching porn in the garage, to which she said that’s exactly how a lot of people are when reading that book, Mormonism: Shadow or Reality?

    Garfield’s portrayal of what people raised in mind-control groups go through upon first learning what their leaders actually did and taught is pitch perfect. I for one am grateful to belong to a Person, to be in a relationship with God through Christ, and not a member of an institutional religion

    But that’s just me 🙂

    @Debbie – I think you should consider the point the show is making. Banner accurately portrays the murders ordered by Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. We need look no further than their personal ‘body guard’ Porter Rockwell, Joseph Smith’s cousin and founding member of the LDS/Mormon church.

    Rockwell is easily the deadliest killer in the Old West, one Smith and Young routinely used to dispatch not only enemies, but apostates from the Mormon cause. Check out the Legends of the West channel on YouTube about Porter Rockwell and I think you’ll see what Banner of Heaven is really all about

    Grace, mercy and peace be multiplied to you all


  3. Andrew Garfield is stunning in his role as Officer Jeb Pyre. I’m anxiously awaiting episode 7 on June 2nd.
    I agree with the comment about the scene in the car in the garage when he is struggling with his thoughts. I hope, that even though he agreed with his wife to make a “stand” for his girls, that he once again, stands up for his true belief and doesn’t do it. He should get out of the cult.

  4. The series is well done for the most part but greatly misrepresents the history of the Mormon Church. The Lafferty’s and their extreme fanatical beliefs should not be confused with today’s members of the Mormon church. By placing partial blame on the religion, it seems to be giving the Lafferty boys an excuse for their actions. And they need to be held responsible for their crimes, no excuses accepted.

  5. Andrew Garfield is extraordinary as Jeb Officer/Brother Pyre.
    The telling of the Mormon religion’s beginning from late 1800 to today is chilling.
    The history of the LDS church in parallel to the murder case investigation surprised me, I realized how little is known of the facts.
    I am troubled about how much has been erased.
    Deep Faith, deception, revelations, and violence at their extreme.

    Jeanne G

  6. Andrew Garfield is absolutely brilliant in Under the Banner of Heaven. He is an incredible actor and the scenes with his mom and the final scene in the car at the end of the series is heartbreaking..His portrayal of a man in turmoil and fear for his faith had me crying with him.I can’t see anyone more deserving of an Emmy who is on a drama series than him.

  7. Thankfully, most times, life is full of light and multicolored rays of sunshine. Joy and laughter and togetherness and love.
    And Sometimes, life is dark, of deep shades full of deception and sorrow and pain.
    This is that dark.

  8. I was not an Andrew Garfield fan, but this show caused me to rethink that. He is very versatile and I enjoyed the different nuances of his character. He seems to be wrestling with his feelings about his church. The entire cast is great. I look forward to the next episode, and I want to see what happens with this family and their church.

  9. I did not know about the Mormons belifes before I started to watch the series it has opened my eyes to another religion the series is very good is series 7 the last one or will be more

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