Under Ninja – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Throw a Rock, Hit a Ninja

Episode 1 of Under Ninja begins with American military troops storming a house to find a man with a bomb. They notice the man with a detonator whose head and thumb have been slashed off, presumably by a ninja.

Kuro meets up with fellow ninjas on a rooftop. There is a flare of rivalry in their conversation before he can ask them why they chose such a visible place to meet, claiming a sniper can easily take them out. They notice an enemy group, the rear-enders, assembled on the next building, staring directly at them.

Miracle decides to make the first move but is stopped by Kuro, who claims he should, as he is the strongest. Analyzing the opponents, he determines that the one with the clown face must be the strongest. He gives Shion instructions to hit her arm with the laser on his signal. Kuro heads to the railing to slide down the building.

Rolling back to 22nd July, Kuro lies in his room practising blow darts. A man arrives at his room unexpectedly and catches him off guard. Kuro wonders how he didn’t pick up on the man’s presence. After making keen observations he decides to offer Kuro a job and warns him that attempts to run away can be fatal. 

Mid-conversation, one of the darts falls off the ceiling and lands directly on Katou’s head. Kuro tries to stop it, but Katou grabs his hand thinking he is trying to gouge his eyes.

He begins to work on his first job, to infiltrate the school, and decides to call them for admissions. He then realizes that it is usually his parents who call, and considering it’s the afternoon, he decides to take help from Kawado. 

He knocks at her door and hears her call for toilet paper from the bathroom. Upon inquiry, he realizes the toilet paper is in the bathroom with her, just out of her reach. On her demand, he enters the bathroom without looking at her and fetches the toilet paper rolls. While handing it to her, he accidentally looks and has a slipper flung at his face.

Following that, she helps him make the call, after which he takes the phone from her, claiming to the receptionist that she is drunk. After the phone call, she demands drinks like he had promised earlier.

Kuro crawls into the next room and grabs 2 beers from his roommate’s fridge and the two have a long conversation talking over the beer. She asks him about his mother who ran away after giving birth to him. He also reveals the meaning of his name to be “Trouble” and not “9th son”. 

He also tells her about his friend, who had passed away in a lightning strike, after which she bursts out laughing. She claims she thought he was much older than 17 years old. He also shows her some interesting darts techniques before finally taking her to her room once she has fallen asleep. 

While returning home, he sees Oono returning from work, ready to celebrate with his beers. Kuro instantly hides. On reaching home, Oono is furious to find his fridge empty, but Kuro hides under the flooring before Oono can find him.

The next morning, Oono confronts Kawado, claiming her name is inscribed on the bottom. He claims that he can call the cops on her if he wishes, while she claims she can tell them that he stole her underwear.

Miracle realizes the top brass wants to deal with the MHLW’s Rear-Enders. Katou and Ozy debate Kuro’s credibility to handle the job. Katou supports Kuro despite the criticism as he had taken the foreigner down.

On July 23rd, a man in a hoodie questions a clerk about finding a ninja. The clerk tells him there are so many ninjas that if he throws a rock it will hit a ninja, but he won’t know it hit one. He claims they are everywhere, but nobody knows.

A narration rolls in stating the history of these ninjas right from the war in the Pacific theatre to modern times, claiming they have infiltrated both public and private institutions, keeping a watch.

The Episode Review

Episode 1 of Under Ninja attempts to establish the premise of the anime and introduces the main characters, but gets lost somewhere in between. The series seems to have an intense plot building up with a decent amount of history to consider. However, very little about it has been revealed. The storyline, however, seems to be heading in an intriguing direction and can be amazing if done right. 

The episode also makes a few attempts at humor by cutting away from fairly intense and immersive scenes. This takes away from the important part of the experience.

The anime has decent visuals and paints a fitting picture with its aesthetics. There however are a few moments where there is noticeable use of CGI animations which doesn’t go in sync with the rest of the episode. 


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