Under Her Control (2022) Ending Explained- Does Sofia manage to escape the country house?

Under Her Control Plot Synopsis

The storyline of Netflix’s Spanish crime drama movie “Under Her Control”, centers on an unconventional agreement between a worker and her employer. It addresses issues like exploiting immigrants, surrogacy, and maternity. Two women lie at the heart of the action.

Beatriz is a self-made entrepreneur of a fashion label, a role model in her field, and a far more welcoming Miranda Priestly. Sofia is an immigrant from Argentina, who comes to Madrid in pursuit of a brighter future. She resides with her partner Nacho, a promising real estate agent. She is a focused young woman who aspires to succeed and she looks up to Beatriz. She applies for an internship with the fashion business tycoon.

On being employed as an assistant at Beatriz’s business, Sofia quickly proves her worth and earns a full-time position. Everything appears to be going smoothly, but shortly after starting her job, Sofa falls pregnant. All of Sofia’s plans are altered due to her pregnancy, including her dream job which is at stake.

Why does Sofia choose not to have an abortion?

Sofia, a woman with immense potential, fears that having a child will put an end to her career considering that her organization has not been particularly sympathetic to those who need prolonged absences. Sofia is a Catholic by faith and considers getting an abortion. When she discusses it with a priest, he makes it abundantly clear that in their religion, doing so is sinful.

Conversely, Beatriz, her employer, has been eager to start a family for some time. Beatriz ends up making her an irresistible offer. She proposes Beatriz adopt the child in exchange for a promotion that’ll be provided to Sofia. Sofia takes a few days to reflect and agrees to the terms.

What excuse does Sofia give Nacho to conceal her pregnancy?

Beatriz and Sofa agree that Sofia will stay with Beatriz during her pregnancy, keeping their arrangement a secret from the outside world. Sofia keeps Nacho, her lover and the father of the child in the dark. She signs the contract after making sure she receives twice what Beatriz originally offered. She then tells Nacho that she will be spending six months in London.

Sofia seems to have no trouble lying and she keeps her pregnancy a secret from him. Nacho expresses his frustration and displeasure with the situation, but he is limited in what he can do.

Why does Beatriz make a sympathetic antagonist?

Beatriz drives Sofia to a residence outside the city. When they approach the compound, Sofia observes that the property’s exterior walls are being covered in wired fences. The next day, she meets Tati, an Indonesian cook who is incapable of communicating in both English and Spanish. Even though Sofia initially appears to enjoy her time at the breathtaking estate, she quickly realizes that she is merely a glamorized prisoner held in a golden cage.

Even though Beatriz appears to be a tyrant during the entirety of the movie, it’s not difficult to empathize with her character. We discover that she previously lost a child and that she continues to keep almost all of the things she purchased for the kid in a sealed room at home.

She is older now, and childbirth for her will probably be complicated. Beatriz tries to find dates, but she rarely gets what she desires from dating apps. Beatriz still has a very strong desire to become a mother. However, she acts in ways that immediately transform her into the movie’s central antagonist due to her desperation.

Why does Sofia begin to question her decision?

According to Sofia, Beatriz takes charge of each and every area of her life. Sofia is unable to leave the property even if she wants to. Beatriz insists that she is doing so for Sofia’s protection and to keep the pregnancy a secret. Beatriz goes so far as to fire the Indonesian woman Tati after Sofia persuades her to open and show her the hidden room, further isolating Sofia.

The latter is also aware that she is constantly being watched by cameras installed everywhere in the residence. She soon starts to second guess her decision as her life is now constantly under her boss’s close watch.

Additionally, Sofia discovers that Beatriz has confiscated her mobile. Beatriz buys her a second one after she discusses it with another woman, however that phone doesn’t seem to be capable of making calls. The balance of power among these two women is skewed heavily in Beatriz’s favor.

Sofia quickly realizes that she must wait to leave until the baby is born. Beatriz’s treatment of her speedily becomes animalistic and robotic to the point where she no longer treats Sofia as a person.

What leads Beatriz to kill Nacho?

Nacho hurries into Beatriz’s workplace one day after realizing that something is totally off base and blackmails one of the staff members into disclosing Beatriz’s residential address. His instincts are confirmed as soon as he enters Beatriz’s home. He starts speaking to Sofia over the security system installed on the door.

Beatriz has learned about him in the meantime and she runs over Nacho with her vehicle just as he attempts to contact the police, killing him. She then tries to hide his corpse and vehicle.

Has Beatriz been murdered?

Sofia finally begins to disobey Beatriz and fights back violently in response to what happened to Nacho. Beatriz is knocked out, tied up, tortured, and has her money stolen from her by Sofia. Sofia attempts to flee but she fleetingly returns to retrieve the pet dog that Beatriz purchased for her. Beatriz has released herself by that point. During their fight, Sofa hurts Beatriz with golden scissors, which ultimately leads to a blood bath. Although Beatriz’s murder is not confirmed as it’s not shown to us, it is likely that it occurs off-screen.

Sofia agreed to Beatriz’s request as she believed it would be the best alternative for all concerned parties. However, Beatriz’s desperate desire for a child manifests itself in her trying to manipulate and influence every area of Sofia’s life. Beatriz’s downfall is due to the exact same drive.

Does Sofia manage to escape?

Sofia experiences discomfort and her water breaks as she attempts to flee with the remainder of her money. Shortly after, she passes out on the floor, and the movie ends there with no clear resolution. Her odds at survival, alongside those of her kid, are very slim because she is out in the wilderness without a phone to call for help. However, there’s always a chance that a passing car will spot her.

Sofia’s fate is up to us to decide. It is unknown whether she lives or passes away, but either outcome is possible. The interpretation of which of the two, depends entirely on whether you are an optimist or a pessimist!


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