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We begin episode 2 of Undercover Season 2 with Kim’s funeral, a heartbreaking ordeal that sees Martijn and Bob both struggling to hold back tears. Her ashes are dropped tentatively in the lake nearby – a symbolic place from her past – which spurs Bob on to pick up the pieces left behind from Kim’s investigation.

In prison, Bouman exerts his authority but finds out he’s stuck inside for a minimum of 10 years. No amount of money will change that but he does give orders to his lawyer while he’s inside. Specifically, he tells her to go after Martijn.

Meanwhile, Bob runs into Laurent’s car on the road, with the latter recognizing him from his ranch several months prior.

Eventually they agree to settle things without going through their insurance, especially the allure of a bit of extra cash. This, of course, is all a ploy to get closer to Laurent and he goes one step further in the bar to try and gain his trust. Bob chats up a girl called Sharon at the bar.

Handing over the details for a mechanic to help fix his car, Bob eventually heads home. It turns out, Sharon is actually one of the undercover agents they’re using, which is smart given Laurent’s big mouth.

Nick is worried about Bob’s emotional involvement in this case but he agrees to keep a level-head for what’s to come. The undercover mission continues, with Sharon convincing Laurent to invite Steve (Bob’s alias) along for the upcoming line dance. This gives him an excuse to return and spy on Laurent’s business.

Outside, Laurent speaks to Nathalie where he learns that she’s applied for jobs elsewhere. He’s admittedly not happy but allows her to leave nonetheless.

Meanwhile, Bob runs into problems back home when Polly shows up drunk. She believes Kim is the reason their parents have broken up. When he receives a call from Laurent however, he’s forced to leave this enquiry and head down to the line dance that evening.

While Bob starts dancing with Sharon and the others, Jean-Pierre arrives and takes his brother aside. It turns out he’s messed up once again with the merchandise and cost them 6 million. JP berates his brother and tells him that for now, he’s in charge.

With Laurent drunk and upset, he subsequently takes it out on Bob who tries to get in the way of him striking Nathalie. Sharon helps Bob outside, getting him patched up after taking a beat at Laurent’s hands.

Right now, the undercover operation looks more battered than Bob’s face. Even worse, Laurent’s phone call to Nathalie’s prospective employers confirms she was involved in a hit and run and was even addicted to drugs in the past.

Martijn is approached by a man named Jan who claims to be an undercover agent. He asks him to come by shortly but Martijn is understandably suspicious.

Meanwhile, Nathalie receives the dreaded news that her application has been rejected. This brings her to Laurent whom she’s angry with following his outburst at the bar.

Things take a turn for the worst when JP shows up at Jackson’s birthday party. He speaks to Nathalie privately and learns about her applying for another job. He grabs her by the throat and claims to know exactly what she’s doing. He vows to do everything he can to stop her and promises she’ll be staying with Jackson for the foreseeable future.

While Sharon is confronted by Peter, asking whether Bob needs to be taken off the case, Bob himself awakens and rings Polly, apologizing for what happened between them. She forgives him but when she gets off the phone, the camera pans out to show Polly arriving at the camp site.

The Episode Review

The second episode of Undercover works to strengthen the ties between the two brothers as the undercover operation comes into focus. With Sharon and Bob both working to try and steer Laurent to spill details about what’s going on, it’s JP who’s wise to what’s going on and the clear ring-leader here.

He’s obviously going to cause some serious problems going forward but quite to what extent remains to be seen. One thing’s for sure though, this conflict is far from over and the season is just starting to get interesting.


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