Undercover – Episode 9 “Rock Bottom” Recap & Review


The Penultimate Pressure

Undercover returns with its penultimate episode, beginning with Bob at the launderette drying his clothes and reminiscing on the events of the last few hours. After drying himself up, he goes back to the hotel and reunites with Kim. She tells him about her night with Danielle and the money she mentioned. Kim is not happy about having used Danielle during this operation but Bob explains that George and Carlos messed up the deal and he lies about John, telling her that he left before any deals could be made. He also decides to press on with Ferry about sorting the deal once and for all.

The next morning, Ferry looks for John but he’s nowhere to be seen. Bob then speaks to Ferry and explains that George and Carlos have agreed to make the exchange in Europe instead. Ferry is unsure as he always concludes his deals with John but Bob insists, telling him that the guys won’t be around for much longer.

Danielle then visits Kim in her hotel room but Kim tells her it’s all going a bit too fast for her. Danielle confesses her love but is interrupted by a phone call which happens to be the reception which advises Kim that the police are waiting for her.

On his way to the meeting place with Bob, Ferry receives a phone call from Danielle who reveals John was found dead in the river. Ferry, devastated, runs back to the hotel followed closely by Bob. Kim begins to grow suspicious of Bob, finding blood on a towel in the bathroom prompting her to start looking through his clothes. In doing so, she sees a hole in one of his jumpers.

The police then interrogates Bob about the events of the night before. Bob reveals to them that John had started drinking again and was depressed. Kim then confronts Bob about the night before and asks what happens. He lies to her, saying nothing happened between them.

Meanwhile, at the police station they discuss John’s death, where we learn he was also hit by a ship propeller. As there is not much left of him and he had alcohol in his blood ,they deduct that the cause of death was drowning. Ignace explains that Kim wants out the case and the prosecutor tells Marc that his case is now dead.

Some time has passed and as Bob returns to the camping site, he sees Denis with a very expensive car. He tells him that Ferry calls him everyday from Aruba but seems bored. He also often asks about everyone else. Bob then goes to see his family and wife, telling him she’s moving on and that he should also do the same.

Later on he reads the paper with the headline showing that 2 bodies have been excavated near the camping site. At this point he then goes to find Kim. He finally admits what happened to John that night and tells her he knows how to bring back Ferry. She is reluctant at first so he tells her about the bodies near the camping site – an Asian man and Remco. It turns out Remco was killed with the same weapon as Jurgen.

In Aruba, Ferry tells Danielle that they have just received an invitation to Kim and Bob’s wedding. He decides to book a flight straight away but unbeknownst to them, this is a ruse to bring them back.

At the police station, they organize the set up. Marc mentions all the people they are looking to arrest which includes Danielle. This inevitably doesn’t sit well with Kim as she didn’t think she was involved in any criminal activities. Ignace then meets with Carlos and plans to accidentally bump into Ferry’s wife, Bob and Kim in the airport to make contact with Ferry again.

The plan goes accordingly to plan too, as Bob and Kim finally meet up with Ferry and Danielle while Carlos appears as planned. The episode then ends with all of them talking about the upcoming wedding.

After the previous dramatic episode, Undercover takes somewhat of a step back here. While the character drama is still interesting and the various plot beats continue to progress at a pretty decent pace, Undercover fails to instill the right level of excitement it so desperately deserves. Still, there’s enough here to make for an interesting watch nonetheless but this is one crime drama unlikely to be remembered for years to come.


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