Undercover – Episode 8 “Nouveau Monde” Recap & Review


Meeting The Cartel

Undercover returns with Episode 8 which sees John informing Ferry that he’s sure Bob is a cop and explains how he came to that conclusion. However, Ferry doesn’t believe him as he has been drinking a lot lately. Bob then confronts him and as John insults Danielle, Ferry gets angry and throws him and everyone else out of his house.

Bob then calls Nick to warn him about John. He decides to put more pressure on Ferry about making the deal with the drug cartel while Kim feels guilty about using Danielle and her feelings to get results in the operation.

The next day, Ferry pays a visit to John. He asks him about Bob and what he was talking about the night before but he just tells him it was the alcohol talking. Bob then discusses meeting the cartel but at first Ferry thinks it’s a bit too soon. John does manage to convince him though and tells him to bring Danielle along as it will be in south of France.

Kim and Bob then meet with their new coordinator, Ignace, as Nick had been compromised. He seems more strict and tell them he’s not happy with their work so far. There is also a change of plan which involves them now traveling to Saint Malo. They all get ready to leave with John which doesn’t please Bob at all. John apologizes to Bob and tell him he had too much to drink.

Later on, Bob and Kim then pretend to have a fight so they can meet with their new coordinator and also Carlos and George who will pretend to be in the drug cartel. They all meet at dinner and Carlos comes in playing his role very well. Kim continues on with Danielle, intent on convincing Ferry to stay but he is not agreeing so far. The 3 men then leave to talk about their deal.

Carlos take them to his friend’s villa. George, who appears to play the leader of the cartel, arrives shortly after. They all discuss the deal but Ferry is not happy about how much George is offering. They haggle on how much cocaine he wants and after some negotiation, they finally agree on a deal.

As Danielle develops more and more feelings for Kim, she suggest that they could run away together as she also knows where Ferry keeps some of his money.

We then flashback to 2 days earlier when John confronted Bob about being a cop. The next morning, John meets with someone that sells him tracking devices and a bug that can also record conversations. After they arrived at Saint Malo, John placed the tracking device under Bob’s car. John followed Bob and Kim during the day, becoming more and more suspicious of them. At the restaurant, he also put the bug inside Bob’s jacket. Having planted this on Bob, later on, John listens to the conversation between Bob and the other agents.

We then cut back to the present to find John playing Bob the audio files he just recorded which confirms his belief all along. He takes a knife out ready to kill him which results in a fight and both of them falling in the water. After a tense struggle, Bob emerges after having kicked John. After catching his breath, Bob attempts to go back for John but he’s nowhere to be seen which is where we leave the episode for now.

Once again Undercover continues to deliver a dramatic episode. The tense fight at the end is certainly the highlight here although the growing romance between Kim and Danielle continues to push the series into melodramatic waters. Still, there’s enough to make for an enjoyable watch and quite where John may be is left up for debate. For now though, Undercover delivers another solid episode, even if it fails to break free of the conventions of its genre to really stand out.


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