Undercover – Episode 4 “Legio Patria Nostra” Recap & Review


Deeper Undercover

The fourth episode of Undercover begins with John confronting Bob, explaining that he’s not able to find any traces of him anywhere, leading to him telling Bob he doesn’t trust him at all. Keeping his composure, Bob tells him he conducts his business the way he wants and warns John not to threaten him ever again. This causes the deal he made with Ferry to be broken.

The next day, Danielle shows Kim a new caravan on the camping site and tries to convince her to come back. Kim tells Danielle it might not be a good idea because of the broken deal between Bob and Ferry so Danielle decides to speak to Ferry about it instead.

Meanwhile, at the police station Mark intercepts texts between the accomplices but comes undone trying to decipher the meaning of code names they are using. While he deliberates over the best way to proceed with this, Ferry confronts John about his talk with Bob as Ferry seems to be trusting him however John is still unsure. They then meet with Bastian Gerlach about the new drug deal. Bastian tries to negotiate on the price and after some back-and-forth on the bottom line, they end up making a deal with him.

Danielle then tries to convince Ferry to sort things out with Bob, having become good friends with Kim. Unable to say no to his wife, Ferry invites Bob and Kim to dinner while Mark carries on with his investigation on Ferry. This ultimately leads him to a pesticide factory.

At the restaurant, Ferry sends a text about a delivery which Mark intercepts. In a twist of fate, this happens to be a delivery to the same pesticide factory Marc is investigating, which is when we see Jurgen arriving. Ferry tells Bob that he wants him to come back to the camping site but Bob is not too sure about it because of all the people surrounding Ferry. At this point Ferry then outright asks him if he is a cop which, of course, he denies vehemently.

Back at the factory, Jurgen loads barrels into a van while being watched by another agent Ray Rogiers. The barrels contain PMK which is a key ingredient used to make MDMA. As they drive away with them, Marc orders him to arrest them. As the lorry is stopped and carnage ensues, Bob and Ferry both receive a text about what just happened. Ferry’s text shows that Jurgen and another accomplice got arrested and Bob’s is from Nick with an update on the situation.

John and Ferry then meet, determined to try and understand how the delivery of PMK was intercepted. While they think, Kim has an idea. She thinks if they let Jurgen out of prison, it will sow seeds of doubt in Ferry’s mind and make it look like he gave information in exchange for his release. That way, Ferry will need another person to trust and that trusting person could be Bob.

Bob then receives a phone call from his wife; his father in law just died. Just as he’s about to leave, Ferry arrives to pick him up. He takes him to a bar where they both discuss their ex’s and it’s here where they meet another friend of Ferry’s but Bob quickly realizes thing’s aren’t right – he’s been drugged. Ferry and Bob seem to be sorting out all their issues when Ferry tells him to come see him as he needs him for a “business issue”.

John then takes Jurgen to a secluded place which Jurgen quickly clocks on to, insisting he never told on anyone. He panics but John soon tells him he believes he’s telling the truth and, adding further twists to the tale, tells him to go into hiding instead. As Jurgen walks away, John shoots himself in the head.

Meanwhile, Bob tells Nick that Ferry wants him to help with a delivery for the next day which Ferry reveals to Bob. He needs someone to bring merchandise back from Holland – 1000 litres of PMK. He asks Bob if he wants in on the deal and he accepts after being given all the instructions before he leaves. The episode then ends with Bob meeting John in a car park telling him that the plans have changed.

Much like the previous episode, Undercover continues to progress at a methodical pace. The interesting idea around whether Bob will be found out or not as he becomes more integral to Ferry’s plans ultimately acts as the catalyst for the drama here, especially given Kim’s role in all this too. Quite what plans have changed remain to be seen but given the cliffhanger ending we receive, the next episode will hopefully shed light on exactly what the new plan is.


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