Undercover – Episode 10 – The Finale – “Showtime” Recap & Review


The Finale

After 9 episodes, Undercover finally rolls round to its finale, beginning with both couples and Carlos all arriving at the camping site together where they’re welcomed by a party to celebrate their return and the upcoming wedding. Ferry asks Denis jokingly why he hasn’t been seeing any money. Denis tells him that Remco’s body has been found, which Ferry replies he’s not aware of.

Kim then speaks to Danielle who is not happy about the whole situation as she still has feelings for her. Kim tells her she could still run away by herself with all the money if she wants to. While she deliberates over this idea, Bob speaks to Ferry about a new deal he could make with Carlos. He manages to convince Ferry who agrees to it but only if he can come along too. Bob tells him he can’t as he is getting married so Ferry tells him to either do it before or postpone the wedding. Later on, Ignace is not happy with the arrangement Bob made as he wanted the deal to happen at the same time as the wedding as everyone would be in the same place at the same time. They then all agree to do it during the reception.

Back at the police station, the plan is well underway. As soon as Carlos sees the ecstasy, the officers will swoop in and arrest everyone at the wedding. John and Carlos then leave to go to the rendezvous point. They meet Denis and another accomplice however it doesn’t seem to go to plan as Denis requests to see the cocaine first before they will show the pills. The police begin to worry, especially since they need to see the pills before they can arrest everyone. Carlos then agrees to go with Denis to a new location to show him the coke.

Danielle is getting suspicious of Kim as she heard that they both split up and had the chalet up for sale so she decides to go help Kim get ready for her wedding. While there, she looks through Kim’s things to see if she can find anything. After a fruitless search, she then confronts Kim and asks her if Bob and her had previously split up. Kim denies it and explains that when Bob proposed she needed time to think about it.

Carlo and Denis then arrive in a car park and are shown the drug in a van. Carlos tells the people in the van to leave, asking Denis again to see the pills while Bob reunites with Carlos and Denis. Just as they’re getting ready to make the deal, more men with guns appear and surround them. It looks like Denis is double crossing Ferry and intends to keep the drugs for himself.

Danielle also overhears a phone conversation Kim is having with Ignace about the arrest taking too long. Danielle asks her if she is a cop and starts to realize that Kim has been faking her feelings ever since she told her she was going to Aruba, in a bid to make sure she didn’t leave and frame Ferry. Kim denies everything and tell her it’s all in her imagination.

Denis then ties up both Carlos and Bob and explains to Bob that he doesn’t care about Ferry because of who he is has killed. After what feels like an eternity, Denis gets visibly impatient and wants to know where the cocaine is. Bob tells Denis where to go and find it which Denis takes on board, ordering his accomplices to go and retrieve it, using Bob’s car in the process.

As they leave, the police follow them out and arrest them, intervening where Bob and Carlos are being kept. They start shooting and arresting everyone but unfortunately they still don’t know where the tablets are. Before leaving, Bob manages to convince Denis to tell him where they are hiding them. In exchange, he will make sure Ferry will never find him.

As the wedding gets underway, the police speed up to the location of the pills. Bob arrives back at the ceremony, meeting with Kim just in time for the ceremony. Ferry makes an emotional speech about friendship and family, telling Kim and Bob how grateful he is for everything they both did. While they smile and nod, the police finally get their hands on the pills which leads to an entire police squad arriving at the wedding and arresting everyone. As chaos ensues, Bob and Kim watch on as the event unfolds. However, Kim looks very upset when she sees Danielle being arrested.

Later on, Bob apologizes to Kim about what happened in France and they say goodbye to each other. Bob goes back to his wife and tells her his case is over and that he will change but she tells him it’s too late.

Hank Swaab, who gave John all the tracking devices, visits Ferry in prison. He explains who he is and tells him about the recordings John did while they were away in Saint Malo and that they’re saved on a server. The night of John’s death was recorded so he plays that part to Ferry. The episode ends in a cliffhanger with Hank telling Ferry that it sounded like John’s death wasn’t accidental.

Whether Undercover will return for a second season is still up for debate but based on what we’ve seen so far I wouldn’t be surprised. While the story is pretty formulaic and by-the-numbers, there’s enough here to make for an enjoyable crime drama nonetheless, even if it does fail to really reinvent the wheel or inject enough originality to help it stand out.


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