Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

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Episode 5 of Undead Unluck begins with Andy and Fuuko visiting a closed diner and reflecting on Gina’s death. Fuuko asks Andy if there’s a chance they can make the Union change their ways so no one endures a life like Gina did. Andy says it’s best they scope out of the place but is set to help Fuuko accomplish her plan. Someone picks Andy and Fuuko up and takes them to the Union HQ. 

They reunite with Shen and meet Juiz, Billy, Phil, Tatiana, Isshin, Top, and Nico. Tatiana takes their anger out on Andy for killing Gina. Before Andy and Tatiana fight, Billy stops them with his powers. Suddenly, a demonic book named Apocalypse recites a few UMA retrieval quests and says they all have until August 31st to complete these missions. 

While the UMA members split the missions up, Fuuko asks Top for intel about Apocalypse and the mission format. He explains Apocalypse is an artificial one that assigns the Union members with unreasonable missions. If they succeed they get rewarded, if not, they’ll be penalized. Fuuko asks the other members if they should obey Apocalypse and brings up Gina’s disdain for its system. 

Juiz explains why they follow Apocalypse’s rules and complete its missions. She says by completing its missions and reaping its rewards, they’ll grow in strength. Juiz hopes with this strength, they’ll be able to use this power to defeat the god residing on the other side of Apocalypse who is responsible for assigning these rules. 

Juiz confirms she’s the one who assigned Shen to defeat her and Andy and apologizes. However, thanks to Shen’s recommendation, she’s willing to play ball with the two. However, Juiz acknowledges Fuuko’s concerns with their current system. Juiz says Fuuko and Andy have a chance to become the Union’s new leader, but they must achieve the most results. 

Currently, Juiz holds the title. Andy approaches Apocalypse and demands it to tell him the hardest mission. The quest requires three members, so Andy forces Shen to tag along with them. On August 21st, Shen’s assistant Mui helps Fuuko prepare for the mission. She says she can’t tag along since she doesn’t have an emblem, meaning she’s not a member of the Roundtable and can’t participate. 

Shen informs Andy and Fuko about their suits and emblems. Suddenly, everyone receives an alert about a rogue UMA in the facility. Mui shares its powers and origins with Andy, Shen, and Fuuko. After the UMA latches onto Mui, Fuuko uses her unluck abilities to save her. The UMA latches onto Andy’s body and before he can do anything, one of the member’s machines zaps Andy and the UMA. 

The UMA calms down and decides to become Andy’s servant. Fuuko grants the UMA the name Clothy. The announcer states Undead earned points for his victory, raising him in the Union’s ranks. A woman informs Nico and the others about another UMA that’s wandering the streets of New York. The woman confirms it has ties to our protagonist’s quest. 

The episode closes with Andy getting fired up for the quest. 

The Episode Review

This episode of Undead Unluck was informative but contained enough action and humor to keep viewers entertained. It highlights the ins and outs of the Union, introducing audiences to its hierarchy, quest, and rule system well. Everything flowed naturally, allowing audiences to gradually digest its intel alongside Andy and Fuuko. At the same time, it’s interesting how everyone seems to be on the same page. 

Although Juiz is the leader, she’s not against having someone challenge her for her title. It’ll be interesting to see our heroes foster meaningful connections with Juiz, Shen, and the other Union members over time. Moreover, it was compelling to see Tatiana stand up for Gina’s demise. It shows how some members care for one another, even if they refuse to make their feelings for each other known. 

The tidbits regarding Apocalypse’s role in the Union are thrilling, too. It’ll make viewers wonder who’s behind the book’s creation and will make them question if Andy, Fuuko, or the other members will find a way to defeat it. Overall, this was a nice episode of Undead Unluck. It gives viewers wonderful info about the Union and promises fun character dynamics in the future. I’m excited to see what happens to Andy, Fuuko, and Shen during their quest. 

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