Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

Do You Love the Change in Me?

Episode 4 of Undead Unluck begins with Mui informing Shen that Gina’s about to fight Andy and Fuuko at Lake Baikal. Gina confirms she caught Andy and supervised him forty years ago. Andy mocks Gina for her age, leading to a humorous moment between them. She reveals her undying love for Andy and warns Fuuko to back off. Gina recalls the moment when she captured Andy years ago. Although she was upset by the matter, Andy thought he lost fairly. However, he says if he ever escapes, he’d like to have a rematch with Gina. 

His attitude toward the situation caused Gina to fall for him. Although Gina’s upset Shen got to meet Andy first, she’s thrilled Void died since that leaves a seat open for Andy. She refuses to let Fuuko join because she wants Andy all to herself. While searching for a better battleground, Andy tells Fuuko his former war companions perished. Andy dodges most of Gina’s attacks with ease and analyzes her skill set. Gina informs the two that she’s the one who sent the projectiles to their yacht and wishes Fuuko died. 

Andy plans to protect Fuuko until he dies despite Gina’s demands. Gina plans to take his head and force him to be by his side. Andy discovers Gina can negate an object’s change in form and deems it “Unchange.” He uses two of his techniques to cover the area in blood and uses Fuuko’s body to generate enough unluck to help him in this battle with Gina. Gina’s taken aback by Fuuko’s naughty behavior but brags about her unchangeable appearance. 

Andy continues analyzing Gina’s feats while she’s enraged by the weird position Fuuko and Andy are in. Andy and Fuuko bump their heads into an invisible barrier Gina cast over the lake. She says she was initially investigating a UMA sighting for the Union. However, she’s decided to switch her focus to Fuuko instead. After discussing their different perspectives on change, Andy and Fuuko devise a clever scheme and use it to defeat Gina. 

Fuuko attempts to prevent Andy from killing Gina. Andy says she doesn’t have much time left. Gina reflects on her life with the Union and Fuuko’s painting. She thinks change may not be terrible after all and tells Andy and Fuuko to leave her be as their seats are secured. Andy holds Gina tightly as we close the chapter with a shot of Gina. 

The Episode Review

The battle with Gina has come to a close and it appears our heroes have successfully secured themselves a seat amongst the other Negators in the Union. This episode featured enjoyable action scenes mixed in with raunchy humor some will find appealing more than others. Additionally, the episode touches upon the concept of change and gives audiences a decent exploration of Gina’s character. 

Although the episode tries to draw out viewers’ empathy for Gina through her final remarks, the series could’ve benefitted from another chapter glancing over Gina’s life with the Union. While it’s great for her to convey her disdain for the organization to viewers, many would’ve preferred getting to see those scenes play out via a flashback or two. 

Condensing everything into one episode would’ve been bothersome though. Therefore, stretching this battle between our heroes and Gina into two episodes would’ve been sufficient. Unfortunately, we receive a chapter that’s fully comedic and makes Gina’s demise carry less impact than it should. Despite it being beautifully animated and voiced, the scene didn’t carry much weight to it. 

On the other hand, it’s great knowing our heroes have secured a possible serene route for themselves, thanks to Gina’s demise. However, knowing how unlucky our pair’s journey’s been so far, there’s always a possibility something will throw a wrench in their plan. As to what that will be, we’ll have to wait for the next chapter to find out.

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