Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review

How To Use My Unluck

Episode 3 of Undead Unluck begins with a subtle flashback to the year 1970, where Andy is currently at the Union Isolation Facility, celebrating a girl named Gina’s birthday. It’s now 2020, and we see an older Gina observing Andy’s progress via a space facility. He and Fuuko are on a yacht and plan to meet Andy’s war buddies in Vladivostok. 

People start shooting at them and Andy attacks them with his Parts Bullet technique. He reminds Fuuko they’ll be in the Union once they kill the person Shen told them to kill. He believes each member dawns a specific Emblem and acknowledges three people he recalls with it. One is named Unbreakable, another is an engineer, and the third is a female (likely Gina) who nabbed him 50 years ago with invisible barrier powers. He fears they’ll be in trouble if they encounter the woman and reminds Fuuko that he’s not unbeatable. 

Nonetheless, Andy’s determined to accomplish this mission and says it’s best to get a feel for Fuuko’s unluck abilities. Meanwhile, Gina continues observing Andy and says she can’t wait to reunite with him. Gina sends an airstrike on their yacht and Andy wonders what happened. Andy saves Fuko and tells her to get her arms up as someone plans to arrest them. However, he wants to test out a hypothesis he has concerning Fuuko’s control over her unluck powers. 

Andy says Fuuko may have the ability to pull in things from far away after bringing up examples from the meteorite and lightning attacks from previous episodes. He says the haircut she received and the kiss (to which she holds a personal attachment) triggered those phenomena and were proportionate to those items’ value. While Fuuko was unconscious, Andy performed a slightly sexual act on her. Embarrassed, Fuuko’s unluck abilities activate, sending Andy and her atop the person’s jet. 

Andy murders the pilot and they use the jet to escape. He tells Fuuko they must find a seed of her unluck that’ll help them get a grasp of the contact level suitable for triggering it. This will allow them to rely on her powers as a trump card. Andy and Fuuko land on Lake Baikal. Andy believes the organization will be investigating UMAs here. Andy tells Fuuko to do some sightseeing while he looks for his old war buddies. He says they should be safe since the organization likes to work in secret. 

Fuuko bumps into a Japanese enthusiast and artist on Lake Baikal. The two paint together and the girl asks Fuuko if she likes change or things that remain the same. The girl admits she prefers things to remain the same. This ties directly with her fascination for art projects as it allows her to capture the ever-changing world through a never-changing drawing. Fuuko shows the girl her of the sky, beach, and moon. Fuuko tells the girl she values change as the girl reveals herself to be Gina, the one Andy fears the most. 

Andy arrives and mocks Gina. Gina knows Andy plans to kill her so he can join the organization. The episode closes with Gina planning to defend her position by fighting Fuuko and Andy. 

The Episode Review

It appears our characters are getting super close to completing their Union goals based on this week’s episode of the series. However, they’ll have to get past Gina and her invisible barriers of doom first. While it’s likely we’ll learn more about Gina’s character in future chapters, it would’ve been stellar to gain some more intel in this episode of the series. 

Nonetheless, she’s made a decent first impression and will likely captivate audiences next week with her personality and abilities. Speaking of powers, this episode shows our characters trying to understand Fuuko’s powers more. It was great seeing Andy experiment a bit to get an idea of how he and Fuuko can utilize it in their favor. 

While more clarity would’ve been preferable during said explanation, it’s great seeing our cast attempt to understand each other’s powers. On top of touching upon the universal theme of personal growth, this was another fun and comical chapter of the series. I’m interested to see how the battle between the three will go. It’s possible Andy’s war buddies will make their presence known during or after Andy and Fuuko’s battle with Gina. We’ll have to wait and find out if that occurs.

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