Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 2 Recap & Review


Episode 2 of Undead Unluck begins with Fuuko trying to find a way to prevent Andy from taking her virginity. She shares an unsatisfactory tale about kissing her grandfather with Andy. Fuuko states that if she doesn’t find a person or situation likable, the unluck he’d receive wouldn’t be enough to kill him. Andy asks Fuuko to follow him to one of his bases. Andy says he has many places set up like this across the world to help him deal with the suited individuals like the fellows from the first episode. 

Andy gives Fuuko an impenetrable vest and explains who the men were that chased them down. He says they work for an organization that polices unidentified mysteries like him and Fuuko. Fuuko says they can handle more of their men, but Andy says it’s unwise to think that way since this organization has people like them working for them. He refers to them as Negators. He says it’s best for them to flee whenever they get the opportunity and explains how the Negators he fought 50 years ago were too strong for him. 

Andy says he got experimented on endlessly to give him a fighting chance and wonders what they’d do to Fuuko. Fuuko and Andy drive off somewhere. Andy says he has no destination in mind and just wants to flee as far away from danger as possible. Suddenly, members of the Union, the people Andy states attacked him 50 years ago, arrive via warping to challenge him. Andy struggles to combat the robot union member while Fuuko tells him the robot’s blue-haired companion is preventing him from using his limbs correctly. 

However, Andy confirms he’s not responsible for his ligaments not functioning correctly. He says these men are External-Targeting Restrainer-Type Negators (ETRTNs). He says the robot paralyzed him while the blue-haired Negator has her will. The blue-haired fellow tells Fuuko that it’s pointless to flee. He says her meteorite stunt raised her “capture priority levels” which were minuscule prior to the incident. He says even if they fail, more Negators from the Union will hunt them down. 

Fuuko asks why no one’s hunting him or his robot friend down if they’re Negators with dangerous powers. Before the robot tells his partner Shen to not inform Fuuko about them, Shen refuses and says she has the right to know. Shen says there are ten members of the Union who are exempt from being pursued. However, they must carry out missions for the organization and new members must pass specific tests to get in. 

The robot tells Fuuko she and Andy can’t join since all the seats are filled. Andy thinks Fuuko’s plan is a brilliant idea and plans to kill Shen and his robot friend to open up slots for him and Fuuko. Fuuko touches Andy and heads to a far-off distance. She believes a huge stroke of unluck is on the way. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to defeat the robot and Shen. Andy flees and plans to use hit-and-run tactics and analyze his opponents’ negator abilities to prevail in this fight. 

Andy uses his regenerative capabilities and special attack “Parts Bullet” to defeat the robot (named Void). Andy attempts to fight Shen but struggles. Fuuko tries touching Shen but he dodges. Andy scolds Fuuko for getting involved. Andy admits defeat and says it’s best if Fuuko takes Void’s spot in the Union. With no other choice, Fuuko tells Shen to avert his eyes because she plans to do some x-rated things with Andy, surprising Andy and Shen. 

Even though Fuuko is not fully in love with Andy, she doesn’t want to abandon someone who’s willing to risk their livelihood for her. Shen laughs and offers a solution to their problem. He’s willing to let Andy and Fuuko kill one of the Union members. He promises to put in a good word for them if they do. Shen says there will be a Negator who will be searching for a UMA soon at Lake Baikal. Shen departs and Andy says he’d never have intercourse with a girl who’d pull a stunt like Fuuko did. He asks her not to do that again. 

The episode closes with Andy telling Fuuko about his plan to defeat the Negator that Shen told them to kill. 

The Episode Review

After the wild ride that was episode one, Undead Unluck continues giving fans more bombastic content to observe with episode two. This time we gain more insight into the Union, Negators, and Andy’s past run-ins with them. Furthermore, this episode showcases Andy’s impressive ability to read his enemy’s moves. Although he couldn’t defeat Shen, his battle with Void was impressive.

It’s a pleasure to receive a protagonist who can combat foes from a physical and mental stature. Despite lacking battle expertise, many viewers will adore Fuuko’s efforts to protect Andy from Shen. While her plan of attack won’t appeal to audiences, it shows she’s willing to put her life on the line for others. Fortunately, episode 3’s preview hints that she’ll be learning how to use her ability effectively. 

Overall, this was an enjoyable and lively episode of Undead Unluck. It gives fans some compelling action sequences, more insight into our character’s world, and fleshes out Andy’s character more. I’m excited to see what Andy’s buddies will add to the story and see how powerful this supposed Negator that Shen recommended them to kill turns out to be. 

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