Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 1 Recap & Review

Undead and Unluck

Episode 1 of Undead Unluck begins with our female protagonist finishing up her favorite romance manga. Thereafter, she plans to murder herself by jumping off a bridge. A man tells her to stop while she’s ahead. The girl hoped to have achieved a passionate romance similar to the girl in the manga’s tale. However, she claims her body won’t let her achieve that dream, so ending her life is the only option for her. The man walks into her knife and says he’s fond of her incurable disease touch powers.

The girl’s “unluck” ability kicked in, resulting in our lead falling and getting run over by a train. While lost in the thought, the man’s head makes its way back to the platform and his body regenerates, startling our female lead. The girl attempts to flee from the man, but he grabs ahold of her and finishes regenerating. He introduces himself as Undead and plans to bombard the girl with a few questions. Undead takes the girl to a building’s rooftop due to police arriving at the scene. 

On the rooftop, he asks her questions about her Unluck ability. After some threats, the girl opens up about her ability and her past. Ten years ago, our female lead was seeing her parents off at an airport in Tokyo when she was eight years old. She gave them a smooch on their cheeks and saw them depart with 270 other passengers. Unfortunately, because of her Unluck ability, her parents and the people on board died in a crash. Therefore, whoever touches our female lead will end up getting severely hurt or murdered. 

Undead starts fondling our female lead to test things as a crate of bananas falls on him. Our female protagonist takes the opportunity to leave, but Undead’s regenerative powers kick in. Before the woman falls to her doom, Undead saves her. He tells her that she’s the ticket he’s been searching for. He wants to use her Unluck powers on him so that he can finally experience actual death. Undead argues our female lead is hiding something about her ability from him, which will allow him to perish like the others she’s accidentally murdered.

Undead plans to take her to his hideout to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, a group of agents report Undead and the woman to their higher-ups and plan to trail them from the shadows. Undead and the girl arrive at his hideout. He orders her to strip off her clothes because he feels getting a long grasp of her body will give her the power to kill him. However, the female flees because she doesn’t want Undead touching her inappropriately. The girl’s jacket falls off, revealing her long mane. 

She cries and tells Undead no one’s been able to cut her hair because touching her would spell their doom. Undead cuts our female protagonist’s hair and she’s grateful for his act of kindness. However, Undead hopes by touching her for a long period, he’ll attain the amount of Unluck necessary to die. Suddenly, the agent who spied on them earlier arrives and slices Undead’s head off. The man reveals our female protagonist’s name is Fuko Izumo. 

The man orders his men to cuff Fuko as tosses Undead’s head inside a spherical object that’ll prevent his regenerative capabilities from kicking in. He reveals he’s tasked with ridding the world of “Negators” and “UMAs” like Fuko and Undead. This is due to these living organisms having their powers which will throw the world into madness. The man explains Fuko’s ability to her and confirms if one were to touch her while sporting clothes, they’d be fine. 

The man believes Undead wants to use Fuko’s powers to kill people. In contrast, Fuko tells him Undead wants Fuko to use Unluck on him so he can end his existence. Fuko shouts to the heavens, thanking Undead for being compassionate toward her. Suddenly, a lightning bolt strikes an operative that was carrying Undead’s head in the spherical prison. The others wonder if Fuko’s powers were responsible for this. Undead makes quick work of the operative’s goons and realizes the Unluck for the haircut was the lightning bolt. 

The operative resorts to drastic measures. He tells Undead to fork over his head or he’ll remove Fuko’s instead. Undead seemingly complies but Fuko manages to break out of the operative’s grasp. She admits she knows how to trigger the biggest stroke of unluck as she leaps into the air to kiss Undead on his cheek. Fuko flees the area as Undead grabs a hold of the operative. A large meteor falls from the sky and lands on Undead and the operative. 

Afterwards, Fuko properly introduces herself to Undead. Undead reveals he doesn’t know his real name and prefers she calls him Undead. However, Fuko grants him the name, Andy (ahn-dead). Undead attempts to have intercourse with Fuko.

The episode closes with Fuko telling the audience this began the two’s journey to locate the greatest death ever, thus concluding the episode. 

The Episode Review

Sometimes it’s great to have an anime air whose goal is to leave the viewer entertained. While not the most complex start for a series, Undead Unluck episode one did a great job at establishing what it is and what fans should expect from it moving forward. With its raunchy humor and well-choreographed action scenes, it’s a series with a goal to leave viewers giggling and smiling. 

Moreover, the episode sets up Andy and Fuko’s relationship well. While their dynamic may not appeal to certain audiences, others will adore the wacky aura surrounding their relationship. From its comical depictions of beheadings to its lighthearted approach to dark subjects, this is certainly a series many will appreciate for its simplistic and enjoyable nature.

On the other hand, many will be interested to learn more about the world Fuko and Andy inhabit. The operative spills the beans about working for higher power and designates specific codenames for individuals of Andy and Fuko’s nature. Many may wonder if a secret government agency or other establishment may have something to do with the Negators/UMAs too. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to go into this series expecting a boatload of gags and fights. This episode delivers some ounce of drama between Andy and Fuko, too. However, it’s likely the series will lean more into its humor and action elements. Regardless, this was a compelling way to introduce Andy, Fuko, and their world to audiences. I’m excited to see where this death-themed journey takes them. 


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