Undead Unluck – Season 1 Episode 18 Recap & Review

Cry For The Moon

Episode 18 of Undead Unluck begins with everyone gracing Juiz’s presence. Simultaneously, Apocalypse orders them to free him from his imprisonment. Juiz ignores Apocalypse and asks Nico for a damage report. Nico informs Juiz that forcing a draw between their group and Under was a great call. Additionally, he says Fuko will be fine.

Andy tells Juiz he sensed something was off when Juiz brought up her policy concerning quests where UMA Galaxy was a penalty. Then, we enter a flashback to the moment when Apocalypse announced the quests relating to that subject. Juiz proposes they should accept the quests’ penalty and strengthen their forces.  

In the present, Andy tells Juiz that’s a negligent way of handling things, especially since they could potentially lose Roundtable members. Then, in another flashback, Juiz discusses with Fuko the rule and penalty system and their reasons for intervening. We receive another flashback, and this one is set when the 99th penalty happens.

Juiz tells Andy and Fuko they must ensure another penalty doesn’t happen, otherwise, Ragnarok will ensue. In the present, Shin interrogates Juiz about her connection with Victor since they seem to be closer than he thought. We receive several flashbacks of Andy sharing information about Victor. Then, Shin questions how Victor knew about Galaxy before the rule involving Galaxy was added.

We receive several flashbacks involving Victor and when Galaxy got unleashed into space. Shin questions if Victor lived in a world where Galaxy existed. Then, Nico questions what Billy meant by the term “Ark” in his conversation with Andy. Juiz tells her comrades that the world they live in is in a loop. She reveals God’s destroyed and restarted it numerous times.

Juiz says she created the Union to prevent that loop from occurring. Fuko believes it and ponders if the scenes she saw after touching several Artifacts were from past world events. Juiz confirms that is the case and blames herself for failing to prevent those disastrous events from happening. Andy and Tatiana question Juiz about her knowledge of the prior world’s events.

Juiz says there are many ways to learn about the loop, but for her, she utilized Ark to peer into its events. Andy asks Juiz for evidence, so Juiz says she’s willing to share intel on how the world will end and begin. Regarding the world’s annihilation, Juiz says God will destroy it and no one will survive. Then, he’ll recreate it, with some Earth fragments from its previous iteration remaining on the new one.

Further, Juiz confirms the meteorites Fuko’s Unluck abilities summon are from the old Earth iterations, shocking her. Juiz refuses to elaborate further on the world-ending phenomenon. As for her looping fiasco, Juiz tells Andy he has a mole on the back of his right ear. Fuko checks Andy’s ear and spots the mole. Juiz says some things don’t remain the same from previous cycles.

Fuko puts all the evidence together to come up with a proper answer. Juiz says she wasn’t the only one who managed to recall the world’s prior events. Andy suggests Victor lived through it all because of their Undead powers. Essentially, Juiz’s been using Ark to recall past world experiences while Victor’s experienced first-hand several times since the “Death Rules” were added.

After Andy provides input, Juiz says to avoid the “rules” one must die or kill God. Juiz believes Billy betrayed them because someone leaked intel about the loop to him. Juiz says she wants to complete something but is willing to perish for her past sins. Shin uses his ability on Juiz, forcing her out of her pleading phase.

Everyone tells Juiz they’re willing to see Juiz’s “justice vision” through. The group places a different roundtable in the middle and convinces Juiz to join them. With everyone assembled, we receive a recap of the quests Apocalypse assigned to everyone before Billy’s tirade with Under.

Juiz suggests they set their sights on retrieving the Roundtable, Billy, and Under’s Artifacts, in addition to destroying Under, before they tackle those missions. For Fuko and Andy, Juiz wants them to investigate a book that contains information about the world’s past and future events. She tells the two that she specifically wants them to tackle this task and the episode closes with her showing them the book.

The Episode Review

As alluded to in episode 17’s closing segments, episode 18 picks up seconds after the Union’s epic clash with Under. As with other episodes, this one didn’t have the best pacing. Nonetheless, fans will find Juiz’s insight about this anime’s world ending and rebirthing loop fascinating. This explanation gives fans answers to previous questions they’ve had and presents them with more.

By and large, fans may feel sorry for Victor, especially if they watched other series like Higurashi: When They Cry or Re: Zero that contain characters who’ve dealt with the horrors of seeing people perish countless times. Hopefully, we’ll get to see Victor reappear in the anime again as it’d be great to explore that aspect of his character further.

Moreover, it was comforting seeing the Union members come together at the Roundtable, even after Juiz shared what she did in previous loops. It shows how much they value and respect her as their leader. While the pacing was offputting at times, many fans will appreciate David Productions’s use of flashbacks this week. While not fully stellar, it’ll help folks piece together Juiz’s intel about the world.

Overall, this was an informative and interesting episode of Undead Unluck. I’m curious to see what Fuko and Andy will discover with this book.  

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