Undead Girl Murder Farce – Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Headliner Appears

Episode 4 of Undead Girl Murder Farce starts with Tsugaru and Aya deciding that it’s time to solve this murder once and for all. After inspecting the scene, there’s seven different signs that Aya has pointed out, including the silver stake left in the storage room and the fact that the murderer knew the layout of the mansion. Furthermore, Claude and Alfred were both close to Hannah’s room but yet neither seemed to have heard a sound.

Aya deduces that either the pair colluded together or the timing is slightly wrong for when the murder actually took place. It could be that there was something between the stake and Hannah to stifle the noise too. However, a more likely outcome is that the murderer used an entirely different stake than the silver one, driving it into Hannah and hiding the evidence that way.

The bottle of holy water is the most important clue. Why was there dust on the inside of the bottle? Where did the holy water come from? Could it be that the murderer froze holy water, created a stake from it and then used it to kill Hannah? This could have all been set up and framed to make it look like an outsider did this.

Should that be the case, then it means the timing for the murder is way off. It may not have even taken place between 1-1.30am after all. It could have been closer to 12.30am. Using all of this, Aya believes Raoul is actually the murderer, and used regenerative powers to cut off his own fingers after getting burned by the silver stake. This way it would hide all the evidence.

Just as Aya is mid-explanation, Raoul outs himself and pounces on Aya and Tsugaru. The latter manages to apprehend Raoul and hold him back, while Aya continues. Raoul took the holy water from the church, while the rest of the evidence needed to incriminate him is inside his room. That means that Raoul is almost certainly going to face the death penalty.

Godard is shocked and collapses down by the bookshelf, incredulously wondering how it could have come to this. As for Tsugaru, he makes swift work of Raoul outside, fighting the vamp as the latter monologues about how tired he is of his family.

Tsugaru toys with his foe, eventually besting him while Aya wraps up the case and prepares to leave. Godard is a broken man, with his pride and joy outed as vicious murderer.

On the way out, Godard points out that the man they’re seeking showed up a few days back. He wanted to be referred to as “Professor” and was on his way to London, inviting Godard to join him. Because of his family, the latter refused so our mysterious “M” went alone.

This gives the trio a solid lead, and as they head off in search of more adventure, Tsugaru monologues to the little reporter about what’s transpired. All the while, the carriage leaves without him!

Interestingly, word of Arsene Lupin’s exploits have started to spread right across the land, including our foe holding the cane with ‘M’ engraved on it.

The Episode Review

The framing in this episode, jumping back and forth between Tsugaru’s fight with Raoul, and Godard coming to terms with the truth, is beautifully done and the fading shots, not to mention the music, works really well to heighten the drama.

However, the pacing of this series is a little troubling. We’re presumably nearly a quarter of the way through this one and we’ve only had 1 case and a little prologue. Changing the pacing now wouldn’t be great but it would be nice if we get a second season, or at least an extended set of episodes to really revel in the feel and tone of this mystery drama.

For the most part though, Undead Girl Murder Farce has been a good watch and the end reveal and explanation throws many theories right out the window as it’s revealed who the real mastermind was behind the murder.

The next episode should be quite the intriguing watch though and hopefully we’ll see more of the action turn toward London.

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