Uncoupled – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

‘Episode 7’

The gay ski weekend is the agenda for episode 7 of Uncoupled as Michael, Billy, and Stanley go on their customary escape from city life. Not even two minutes into the trip, Billy already has the receptionist’s number and Stanley has the customary sigh of disgust and familiarity on his face.

Michael is right next to them and is scoping out the people at the cabin. He spots Corey, a cute guy he met a few years ago at a realtor conference. Although Michael was hitched at the time, he is finally free now and is encouraged to approach Corey.

Suzanne finishes a showing of Jack’s apartment and catches Claire on her way out. The recent divorcee asks her a particular question in the most Claire fashion possible: “Do I seem lesbian to you?” Her answer is no and Claire’s reason for asking is because one of her divorce girlfriends came onto her the other night.

They have a delightful conversation about sexual fluidity and its increasing acceptability in society. Claire comes around to ask Suzanne about her plans for the night. She gets particularly interested when Suzanne mentions she is meeting Mia for drinks at Ten West, a high-end and private club very hard to get in.

It is because Claire’s husband (Henry) tried to get in for years and was rejected. She asks to join in too. But Suzanne seems reluctant. Claire cleverly plays the divorce/mother/healing card to convince her to say yes. At the ski cabin, Stanley rents pink, ladies-style ski clothes, which he thinks are sensible compared to the thousands Billy and Michel spent on theirs.

Admittedly, it looks odd but does the job for the time being. Billy has this running metaphor in the episode where he has a secret code of conduct with fellow men of color. He explains how his parents used to send him to bourgie camps in order to mix in better with the white folks.

Michael spots Corey and goes up to him. They flirt but before Michael can get in his “I am single and available” bit in, an innocuous push from Corey takes him down the hill. Billy comforts him by saying that the weekend is long and he will see Corey again.

Just then, Horst, whom we saw in episode 4, spots Michael on the couch. He offers fake sympathies to him about breaking up and even mentions that Colin is in a new relationship. This catches Michael unawares and he instead goes into over-thinking mode. Horst says that Colin has hooked up with someone he knows and he saw photos on Instagram too. Billy and Stanley try to calm him down saying he has Corey to look forward to and must focus on him.

To calm his nerves, Michael takes another “fireball shot” and the saga continues for the rest of the night. At Ten West, Claire meets up with the girls. Trey, a friend of Kai’s, helps them get in.

He greets them and flirts with Suzanne, which the other ladies notice. They push her to revert back to Trey and forget about Kai’s prospective nagging. Claire wants Suzanne to take a photo of her so that she can send it to her husband but she quickly shoots her down. The club is an exclusive place and does not allow photography or tagging on social media in any form.

Michael has gone overboard with the drinks. Corey finds him and invites him to the hot tub. Billy and Stanley leave him but Michel instead sees Horst and goes after him. He forces Horst’s hand into seeing Robbie’s Instagram.

Horst tells him that he is a successful architect. Michael feels jealous and upset when he sees the two together. Trey’s flirting continues as Claire gets her phone taken away for trying to click a picture. Out of nowhere, Henry, Claire’s husband, walks in with his younger girlfriend. Claire is bitter toward them, even more so when she learns Henry and his girlfriend got in because she is a member of the club. She kisses Suzanne and throws Henry off.

A very drunk Michael makes his way to the hot tub. He gets straight to business and makes out with Corey. Until the alcohol in his stomach wants to come out and it does in the tub. Stanley and Billy take Michael to his room. But while Stanley opens the door to his room, Billy drops Michael and he gets injuries to his face.

At the club, Suzanne finally confronts Trey. She asks Trey not to tell kai about anything she did on the night, including the flirting. To this, Kai clears up the air by saying flirting comes attached to his job as a bartender. He does it with everyone.

Mistakenly, Trey lets out that Kai has found his biological father on a website. Kai hadn’t told this to Suzanne, who is shocked and nervous hearing this.

The Episode Review

Uncoupled’s episode 7 followed the tradition of giving the appearance of fun times but really hiding solemn revelations about life. Both Michael and Suzanne are at a tipping point in their lives. They have kind of reached a critical mass where their choices and decisions can either let them down or lead them down a new path where they can be happy again.

Suzanne had only mentioned in passing in episode 4 at the party to Claire that she does not know Kai’s father’s identity. But by the looks of it, the matter will be a big point of focus for the finale.

Suzanne has certainly gained statute in the show’s universe as we have progressed in season 1. Character development like this can only bolster a show’s appeal and story framework, giving them various opportunities and options to branch out from the core plotline.

Michael’s sob story is becoming more and more ridiculous by the day. He is so in touch with his feelings that they are almost dictating his life. Colin’s departure has left him missing a part of himself that he is so desperately seeking out in other people.

We are yet to see a calm fall over him and bring him back to reality. The next episode will provide an opportunity for him to come face to face with Colin and possibly his new boyfriend. Expecting fireworks is natural but hopefully, the tension will not be too emotionally damaging.

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