Uncoupled – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

‘Episode 6’

Michael and Suzanne make a promotional video for Jack’s apartment at the start of episode 6 of Uncoupled. It is a big hit and they anticipate that they will make a sale soon.

Michael invites Suzanne to Billy’s skating event that night but she says she needs a night off. Michael reiterates that he cannot bear having dinners alone and that is why indulges in dating. And Billy’s silly events.

He is off to skating in the ring and Billy spots Jerry, a teleprompter from the station who keeps bugging him to hang out. Billy leaves Jerry to Stanley, who reluctantly strikes up a conversation. Turns out, Jerry is a huge fan of Stanley’s exhibition. He follows the art collector’s new picks and praises his insight into modern art.

While skating, Michael bumps into Luke, a stranger who leaves his number on Michael’s phone to check on him, who by the way, has broken a toe. Michael is still hunting for an apartment for Claire, who insists everything has a price, even if it is not for sale.

Luke invites him to dinner that night. He is a primary school teacher and the two have a charming night together. They revel in each other’s criticisms of their exes’ habits. The two seem to be hitting it off, going out with each other for five nights consecutively. Michael seems happy and boasts about Luke to Stanley and Suzanne.

She also lets him know that a client wants to see Jack’s apartment. But, when she tells him that it is Claire, he gets a bit bogged down. He explains that although Claire is nice, she bothers him a bit too much with her texting and recent status.

Michael decides to sell the apartment in a way that she wouldn’t be interested in buying it. Suzanne, of course, counters him the next day in front of Claire. But she gets hung up on the fact that the apartment has only two bedrooms. Michael promises he will find her something nearby. Luke texts Michael for a night at his house to “Netflix and chill”. Suzanne warns that he shouldn’t smother him when Michael mentions the poker game at Billy’s the next day.

That night will be off and they will have some distance. He invites Jack to the game and Luke comes over to his apartment. The next morning, Michael notices the frother that Luke bought for them. When he mentions the poker game, Luke insists he comes as well. Michael’s hand is forced and he obliges. The Jonathans, Michael, Jack, Billy, and Luke are at the game. Everyone seems impressed by Jack’s poker skills and Luke’s healthy but tasty food. He even calls him “babe”, which throws him off and makes him rather uncomfortable.

Billy reveals that Stanley is out on a date with Jerry. He wonders what they’re saying about him and it turns out a lot. Jerry takes Stanley back to his place and we learn the true reason he wanted to date Stanley.

Jerry’s mother is an amateur artist and he wants Stanley to sell her paintings. Jerry decides to give him “something” in return but Stanley is caught up in two minds. Allow Jerry to keep pleasuring him or tell him the truth and keep his integrity.

Ultimately, despite his attempts to overlook the hideous paintings, Stanley tells Jerry the truth. The two have a bitter parting and Stanley leaves.

Things go awry when Luke lets out a fart and indicates that he is getting comfortable with Michael. The realtor himself is disturbed and breaks up with Luke as he has not given him adequate space in their courtship and thinks Luke is taking things way too fast. Luke leaves with his frother.

A knock on the door leaves Michael even more distressed. It is Claire who reveals she has bought the penthouse in the building. Everything indeed has a price!

The Episode Review

Why weren’t we introduced to Jack’s awesomeness before this? Andre De Shields is a sheer delight and stood out as the best performer in episode 6.

The poker night brought along the manifestation of the obsessive partner in our relationship world who does “too much”. Luke captures the essence of someone we all have been with in life, or at least other people end up with them.

To be honest, Luke was probably a bit low-key like Michael in Colin and Michael’s relationship. It sort of gave him a peek into how suffocating that behavior can be for the other person.

Stanley got the first partner for season 1 and it turned out disastrously. It was probably foreseeable something like this would happen, given how they have shaped Stanley. His loneliness left him, albeit momentarily, before coming back to bite him in the behind.

Claire is such an adorable character who always has the potential to bring an episode out of its rut. She is like a breath of fresh air every lighthearted show needs.

The final brings along many possibilities of her bumping into Michael every day and keeping him on his toes. Credit to Harden for creating such an affable, fleshed-out person who feels so relatable and real.

Episode 6 is likable in parts, especially the poker night bit, but suffers from the same inconsistency that manifests out of nowhere and lessens Uncoupled’s appeal every now and then.

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