Uncle Samsik – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

The Deceased

Uncle Samsik Episode 9 positions us on a Busan beach in 1927, where a baby Kang cries in his mother’s arms as Samsik tries to start a fire against the wind. Kang’s father points toward the horizon, explaining that big ships move by oil. And that oil is how one becomes rich.

On March 6th, 1960 at the Democratic Party HQ, San is pressed by reporters about what he’ll do regarding Kang. Yeojin is among the crowd, asking if San knew in advance that Kang would push the Act. But instead of answering they keep walking, avoiding the question.

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At the Hall, Wooseok and his band of Assemblymen point the finger at Kang, threatening him with getting the Ethics Committee involved over his stunt with the Local Government Act. He also demands a written apology for San, but San lets it go. Afterwards, Wooseok meets with Kang’s secretary, wanting to re-discuss some of the committee nominees.

Outside, San approaches Yeojin, wondering how she suddenly became a reporter. But she doesn’t entertain his questions nor his assertion that things are awkward, angrily leaving at the first opportunity.

In the hospital, Samsik brings red bean bread to Yosub, chatting with his son, Ki-chul ,who’s worried about tanking his father’s empire. Samsik tells him he’ll help where he can and that the Federation will end after the reformation anyway.

Wookseok and Samsik meet with Kang, checking the distribution of seats once the parties combine. Wooseok is surprised to hear that Yosub is not well and will no longer be a hindrance to Kang. Yet Kang believes both the Liberal Party and the Federation are no longer on his side. Of course, Samsik has a surefire way for him to win – Choo In-tae.

In a party meeting, San is surprised to hear that Wooseok has proposed a National Reconstruction Bureau – not an agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs – and San’s asked to submit a proposal. Outside the door, San hugs Wooseok but he’s surprised to hear him say that he shouldn’t share everything with Samsik, who’s well known for enticing people. However, in the bunker, San explains that he didn’t keep it a secret as recommended.

As Wooseok drinks and boasts with his cronies, Samsik enters, throwing a few jabs. Wooseok drags him from the room as Samsik threatens him for trying to lure San away. And Wooseok is left agreeing to the party merger as previously discussed.

Elsewhere, Kwangmin raises concerns with San over the Federation and his involvement with the Liberal Party but when he meets with Samsik, he’s told to buck up.

In the bunker, San claims he never wanted to start a coup. While General Jang admits to Captain Min they are cut from the same cloth. Why did Min invite him to meet with General Choi? They thought the plan was possible.

With a drink after the meeting, San and Rachel chat about Rachel’s uncle, Senator Jeremy Albright, who’s now a Minister. He’d been impressed by student-San and now Rachel is too. She confesses that she’s the one who tapped him and General Choi both, believing they could build a new Korea. She offers herself to him, with a reminder that he can’t tell Samsik about the day’s meeting.

When he meets Samsik, he confirms that Choi doesn’t seem suspicious and Samsik reminds him not to trust Wooseok. Questioning his good mood, Samsik wonders what he’s been up to so San confesses to having a drink with Rachel. Impressed, Samsik suggests he try his luck with her to gain Albright to their side, but San won’t be drawn.

It’s March 15th as everyone awaits the presidential election and outside a crowd cheers for President Rhee. In local districts, the LG Act means government officials will manage ballots for the elderly or people who’ve moved away. Minister Choi is on-site to explain how they should vote. He then rounds up police chiefs from across the country to enlist their help with the election.

At the paper, the news team discuss allegations that government employees are coaching people to vote for Rhee. Next Yeojin proposes her follow-up to the Sineui Alliance story, but the editor shuts it down, worried for her safety.

As part of the clean-up, General Hong rounds up ‘communists’ planting proof where needed. And a prosecutor gathers Jiwook with evidence from Han-soo. General Min Soo-chul of the Capital Defense Unit – and General Choi’s right hand – is arrested for espionage. General Jang is given his role as the new commander with Captain Han-min as his deputy.

For Yeojin, Journalist Oh checks in with his police contact, receiving a list of Sineui members – the same one recently acquired by Jiwook. He also finds out the entire police force has been activated for the election.

At the paper, Yeojin works on a story about election corruption. As she writes, people are arrested for passing out political flyers. Meanwhile, Taemin reinstates the Sineui Alliance to fight injustice.

From inside Samsik’s office, he and San watch as students are taken away. In a moment of worry, San confesses to sleeping with Rachel and her part in the coup, wondering if they should still push ahead. Samsik insists they stick to the plan.


Episode Review

‘The Deceased’ is an interesting title for this episode – is it Choo In-tae, to whom Samsik refer’s as Kang’s salvation? Or is it those eliminated as the authorities sweep in?

Kang must realize there’s a price to pay when San lets things go so easily after he’d punched him publicly. But then again, he probably hasn’t caught on to the fact that the punch was a set-up. Currently, San can afford to be magnanimous. But does Kang have an inkling of how deep the waters run? He too believes he has the support of Samsik. And that the meeting was just a show. But San unexpectedly letting things go so easily seems to have raised his sensors.

The pace is picking up as election day draws near, with minor players (in Samsik’s world) easily removed. Everything for the coup seems to be falling into place. Even the coup within the coup. And while even the insiders get a little nervous, Samsik holds fast with his poker face at the ready and his strategic hat on, prepared to roll with the punches. While San stands cooly by his side.


Who’s your favorite pawn in Uncle Samsik? So many from which to choose. Let us know in the comments below. 

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