Uncle Samsik – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Father vs Uncle

Uncle Samsik Episode 7 drops us way back to 1952 at Albright Scholarship Candidate Training. Running in military gear, troops are led by San as the rest straggle behind. Then at a ceremony where San, Hae-min and Kwangmin graduate, San is caught stowing his plate of party food. General Hanrim offers money to take care of his family so he can focus on studying, bringing San to tears.

At the Capital Defence Bunker in 1960, San is asked whether he discussed the coup d’etat with General Hanrim at the Albright party but San says he was like a father to him.

February 19th, 1960, General Hanrim is met by San and his first question is about San’s new job with the Democratic Party. At the bar, Samsik, noting San’s many fathers, knows San is meant to be sticking to Hanrim, but is he a little too close? Jang wonders if he’s jealous, giving Samsik a laugh.

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Rachel Jeong of the Albright Foundation introduces alumni San, Hae-min and Kwangmin who will present the latest students.

Afterwards, Samsik catches a clearly powerful and confident Rachel brushing off a US Colonel over something she’s holding back from presenting to her father. Michael Jeong introduces her, his sister, to Uncle Samsik. When he remarks on how American she seems, she claims she is American and escapes with an excuse about her shoes.

Jiwook reports to Kang that Taemin got away but that he’s burned any evidence. He moves on to mention a damaged bridge in his district but Kang cuts him off saying they’ll talk about it later.

General Hanrim chats with a foreign officer and Samsik sends Haemin to ‘translate’ for him. The officer suggests Hanrim should be leading Korea but he doesn’t think the military should get involved with politics. A US Embassy officer, Jason Arrent, interrupts Haemin to take back his seat. Samsik is annoyed Haemin wasn’t able to hear the crucial point about what would happen if Korea became communist.

Rachel catches a light from San on the balcony, noting she’d read his plan. She wonders whether he can make it work when he couldn’t even fix her shoe when she’d asked. He says he could have if she’d handed it over.

Around the room there’s talk of why other countries whould want to invest in South Korea if things are worse than they were in Cuba, where everyone lost money. Kwangmin asks what they’d need to invest – a guarantee from the government. Oh.

As General Hanrim departs, he asks again whether San is really getting into politics. He suggests a visit soon, that he has something to tell him.

Outside, Samsik’s team gathers with Kwangmin reporting that Petron Harvest requires a guaranteed payment. Samsik gives San a lift home, trading remarks over San’s many fathers and Samsik’s countless nephews. San suggests Hanrim is best left alone but Samsik has a multi-lure plan to sew up several of their bleeds.

In the paper, there’s a story about Kang’s ambition related to the Local Government Act. Samsik predicts Minister Choi will be all over Kang about it. They need to pass the bill now.

At a meeting of Assemblymen, they complain about the ridiculous Act saying it’s all for Kang’s benefit. But Jiwook drops in with records of all the Assemblymen’s various bribes, putting them in their places. Then he reports to Kang, also noting that Samsik could be the one leaking stories to the press. Samsik overhears the whole thing, calling Kang immediately to meet.

Jiwook warns Kang but he swallows the hook, thinking that Yosub may be replacing him with San. Samsik uses it to reinforce Kang’s faith, implying he can take actions as needed and that he’ll keep any opposing Assemblymen away.

Drunk and alone for a moment, Kang is caught off guard by Taemin who quotes their Alliance doctrines with a barrel to his head. As Taemin cocks the gun, Kang begs for one more chance. But as he turns around, there’s no one there.

At the newspaper, San asks about Yeojin and then drops more info about Kang. But his journalist friend isn’t falling in line, wondering why he has it in for Kang. San offers an exclusive photo of an Assemblyman hitting someone.

On February 24th, 1960, people are gathered, doors are blocked and drugged tea is passed around. Assemblymen are missing from a meeting that San is leading, as he talks about his plan. San steps out to check and reports that the Liberal Party is trying to steal the election via the Local Government Act. How can they, only 4, fight against 100? – they’re not Yi Sun-sin.

Falling into the trap, the Assemblymen become nervous. At a nearby bar, Samsik shuffles Assemblyman Woo Seok out who’s gotten his detainees drunk when he was merely meant to be holding them for a time. Now they need to get to the vote before something happens to San.

At the National Assembly, Kang and more than 100 people are gathered to vote to amend the Local Government Act. San’s group of three watch nervously but try to block the men from making a ‘fraudulent’ vote. Kang hits San as predicted, his journalist getting a snap.

San walks the streets shouting about invalid votes as Samsik appears to wipe the blood from his lip. In the present, San’s interrogator asks about the Local Government Act and the stolen election of March 15th. San suggests a smoke break first.


The Episode Review

In the words of Aretha, who’s zoomin who? (Whom, Aretha, WHOM.) But seriously, who is the greatest showman? Samsik would happily claim the role but as discussed last ep, our man San is no dummy.

In the last episode, we saw that Hae-min’s interrogator was the one who wrote the military’s new declaration. Who could San’s inquisitor be? Are they actually a new coup?

Samsik marks Rachel Jeong as someone who can likely cross the border between Korea and America. And I bet he’s imagining she’s someone who’s eaten pizza. Think he’s considering her as a political wife for San? Or someone he can use in another way? Or perhaps he should have gone with Michael Jeong as his primary mannequin, with his sister supporting alliances with US businesses? There’s still time…

Although the noose is closing and there’s plenty of sleight-of-hand, this episode – even with the bromantic bickering of Samsik and San – it isn’t quite as fun as Ep6. We have, however, finally seen all the key characters that appear in the opening credits – I’d been wondering about that. And have had a look at how many clacks Samsik has under his command, all working their designated piece of the plan. Any guesses at his real intention for San? Somehow, I think there’s more to be revealed…


Who’s your favorite pawn in Uncle Samsik? So many from which to choose. Let us know in the comments below. 


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