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Uncle Samsik Episode 10 delivers us a mob of journalists all over Jiwook and while he’s distracted, a box is stolen from his trunk. Inside the Assembly Hall, they continue to ask about favoritism toward Sanae Corporation, which he denies, claiming the decision was made by the entire committee.

In a hotel room, San reads Yeojin’s story about the country’s poor state of politics as Rachel enters with a jacket for him to try on.

In court, Han-soo, dressed as Kwangmin, gives evidence about his relationship with Jiwook, confirming that he bribed him. But outside the court, Yeojin notes that Kwangmin is San’s old friend. Seeing Han-soo, pennies drop and she suddenly recalls having seen him at the rally on the day her father was killed.

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Han-soo is brought before the court, explaining that his boss, Yoon Palbong, ordered him to bribe Jiwook and that he doesn’t know why but merely followed orders. However, Yeojin notes that something is off in his story. Privately, Kang and Jiwook clash, Kang now aware that Jiwook kept the signed Sineui Alliance document.

Immediately, Yeojin visits San asking about how her father fits in and rightly guessing that he knows more than he says. She lambasts him should her father’s name be sullied.

Meanwhile, Samsik has a forger to copy the Sineui Alliance document exactly but San can immediately tell them apart. He also check on whether In-tae is part of Samsik’s plan.

In court, the real Kwangmin is on the stand, dropping names like Kim Inho and implicating Jiwook while, to himself, recalling his conversation with Samsik about ambition.

Now in court, Kim Inho confirms that he’s currently also being investigated by counter-intelligence as a spy for North Korea, implicating Yoon Palbong and Captain Pak Wonil. As the details reel out, Yeojin realizes how they’ll make her father a target.

Secretly, General Choi and Han-min go through plans for the coup with their top team including General Jang. Afterwards, Choi gets the call that General Soo-chul has been arrested. In a whisper, Han-min confirms that Choi will be arrested too but that he has a safe place for him. It’s San who escorts him there while Samsik is furious the General got away as the whole plan was designed to trap him.

Evidence of In-tae’s treason is brought to light – the book PalbonYeog had planted in his office long ago as Journalist Lee worries about Yeojin’s safety.

At the safe house, San explains to General Choi that Minister Minkyu has plans to get rid of him. And indeed, the treason trial changes the election predictions evening out the previous anti-Kang landslide.

In a meeting, Minkyu and Kang discuss stealing the ballot boxes from the sectors where they’re losing. Minkyu forces Kang to call Samik to make the request. When Kang and Samsik meet, Samsik also turns over the signed Sineui document which Kang instantly burns.

At San’s office, they tally districts finding him leading in some areas. Then Journalist Lee arrives to quietly inform that Yeojin has been arrested as an accomplice.

Now at Samsik’s office, San is appalled to hear of Kang’s request to steal ballot boxes. The two argue with Samsik claiming he won’t touch the boxes but San doesn’t believe him. Then he makes his request – can Samsik get Yeojin out of jail?

In the bunker, San is asked if he made a deal with Samsik to save Yeojin. Just as he notices a free General Jang ready to question another prisoner.


Episode Review

San can’t save everyone and chooses General Choi, one of his father figures. Did he realize that In-tae’s reputation – and thereby Yeojin’s – would be smeared as well? Now we see the significance of Samsik’s plan to use a dead man, but will it save Kang? And is that the purpose or just a convenient smokescreen to keep Kang off Samsik’s back? With all this coming to the fore, who’s thinking back to Samsik insisting that San detach from Yeojin?

This week’s ‘doubt’ places Samsik and San head-to-head, as each spot that the other may be supporting someone else – San with General Choi and Samsik with Kang. Are they both right? From what we’ve seen, it seems that San has a separate plan for Choi. But Samsik and Kang? We come back to the question of who is playing whom. And who’s doing it better.


Who’s your favorite pawn in Uncle Samsik? So many from which to choose. Let us know in the comments below. 

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