Uncharted (2022) Ending Explained – Does Nathan Drake Get The Gold?

Uncharted Plot Synopsis

Uncharted tells the story of Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) as he embarks on his first treasure hunting mission. He is joined on his quest by Victor ‘Sully’ Sullivan (Mark Wahlberg) and Chloe Frazer (Sophia Ali) and together they go in search of a 500-year old fortune rumoured to be hidden within some ancient Spanish pirate ships.

They aren’t the only ones in pursuit of the missing golden booty though, as the villainous billionaire Moncada (Antonio Banderas) and his deadly partner in crime Braddock (Tati Gabrielle) are also on the hunt for this magnificent find.

Does Nathan Drake Get The Gold?

On a globe-trotting mission that takes Nathan from the catacombs of Berlin to the rooftops of Barcelona, Drake follows clues to the treasure through the postcard messages that have been written to him by his missing (and presumed dead) brother Sam.

Using a pair of golden crucifix keys, Drake solves puzzle after puzzle until he finally washes up ashore on the beaches of the Philippines (after falling from a plane), and discovers the gold within two massive pirate ships that have been hidden away in a cave.

He and Sully gather up as much gold as they can but are interrupted by Braddock, who hijacks the ships using helicopters. As the ships and our adventurers are lifted into the air, a fight commences as Drake and Sully battle Braddock and her tough-guy crew.

What happens during the pirate-ship fight?

During the airborne skirmish, Sully manages to get into one of the helicopters, leaving Drake down below on the deck of one of the ships. As the fight goes on, Braddock and her men are killed but Drake’s victory is short-lived as the airborne ships plummet into the sea, taking the lost treasure with them.

Sully manages to rescue Drake before he too falls to the watery depths, but is disappointed that the gold has gone. However, all is not lost.

Drake somehow pocketed a few gold bars before the ships were destroyed, which is a cause of celebration for both of them. They take their riches and fly off into the sunset as the closing credits start to roll.

Are There Any Post-Credits Scenes?

Yes, there are two scenes, although they take place mid-credits.

The first scene takes place in a dingy prison in an undisclosed location. In one of the cells is a disheveled looking man with unkempt hair and a long beard. He is writing on a postcard which he signs off with the letter S. This is the same signature that was found on the postcards that Drake used to find the treasure. As such, the man’s identity is clear: it’s Sam, who is not dead after all.

The second scene sees Nathan meeting with a mysterious man wearing an eye patch. They are there for an exchange. Nathan wants the treasure map that the man is holding in exchange for his family heirloom ring (once owned by Sir Francis Drake, no less).

In the video game, the ring contained the coordinates for the legendary El Dorado, and it can be assumed that the same applies here. A fight breaks out between the two men and then Sully turns up (with his trademark moustache) to lend his assistance. They then flee the scene, presumably with what they need to help them in their next treasure finding mission.

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