The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Oga For Oga

Five – 1982

Episode 7 of The Umbrella Academy Season 2 begins in spectacular fashion. There’s another slick action sequence and this time it involves a meaty axe and a blood-spattered Five. Our time traveler uses the tip-off from the Handler and jumps to 1982. There, he single-handedly kills the entire Board in one swift motion. To finish things off, he destroys AJ and shatters the goldfish bowl.

Five – 1963

With the Board dead and AJ stuck in a bag, Five decides against spilling any more blood. As agreed, The Handler meets him and hands over the time travel briefcase. Unfortunately, he only has 90 minutes left to gather the group and head back to 2019 before it’s too late.

The Handler

Following the death of the Board Members, The Handler heads back to The Commission and assumes control. Even worse, she closes The Briefcase Room and refuses to answer any questions, walking away as Lila follows soon after.

Up in her room, Lila confronts her Mother who hands over an emblem for Head Of Security. In exchange for this new title, Lila is allowed to pick her own team and make her own rules. For now at least, this seems to keep her in-check. 


Klaus and Ben discuss the future and they finally find familiar ground on the subject of powerlessness. As they talk, Ben pleads with Klaus to let him inhabit his body. After establishing some ground rules, Ben controls Klaus and walks around the gardens experiencing everything with renewed vigor.

After establishing how much he loves dirt, Ben’s love interest Jill arrives and the two make dirt-angels together while laughing.


After what he witnessed last episode, Carl invites Vanya along for a ride with him. They pull up to a farm and stand at the gates for a group of cows. There, Carl confronts her about how much of a “disease” she is. His true colours then come out and he gives her an ultimatum – one that inflicts misery on the family or another that sees her leave.

Luther & Diego

The message of Oga For Oga on the floor in blood leads Luther and Diego to try and work out what it means. Together, they realize it may lead to the name of a person. Checking the phone book they find “Olga Foroga” and wish death upon her… until Five arrives and corrects them over what it means. Oga for oga means eye for an eye. Diego apologizes awkwardly to this poor woman on the phone and hangs up.

In the wake of this, Five tells the others he has a plan to get them back to their timeline. In the wake of this though, Diego learns the truth about Lila.

Gathering The Troops

Luther heads over to pick up Allison. Just before Ray leaves the house, he notices his wife crying and immediately confronts Luther over what he might have done.

Diego travels to Klaus’ mansion where he learns that Ben is possessing Klaus’ body. After some testing questions, Diego realizes that he’s definitely his sibling and asks him to stay in control. They need someone of a sane mind – aka. Ben – to meet in the alley in 30 minutes’ time.

As Diego heads off to settle unfinished business, Lila outsmarts him and drugs the Academy member. Snatching him up, she takes Diego away and brings him to The Commission. When he awakens, Lila introduces him as her boyfriend, much to his disbelief.

Five meets Vanya but she decides that Sissy and Harlan should come with them to the future. As the two square off over this choice, Vanya eventually agrees to go with him. However, she wants to say goodbye first before leaving. At the house she grabs Sissy and Harlan, pleading with them to leave.

Allison says her goodbyes to Raymond but when she opens the door, the Swedes happen to be standing before her. As they drag her by the leg, she stabs one of them in the eye and manages to Rumour the Swedes to fight each other. All of this occurs over an absolutely bonkers montage featuring the Backstreet Boys.

Time’s Up

With time ticking by, Five arrives in the alleyway to find Luther and Klaus the only ones there. Of course, Klaus is being possessed by Ben and he vomits all over the floor. Time runs out and Five throws the briefcase into the void. Their chance for heading back through time has passed.

Meanwhile, Sissy’s note left for Carl backfires as Vanya is captured by police after using her powers to stop a police blockade. As Sissy stands over her, another officer smacks her in the face with the butt of her gun and knocks the girl out, which is where the episode ends.

The Episode Review

Out of all the episodes this season, episode 7 is the one that feels the weakest, despite an excellent action sequence to kick things off. The Backstreet Boys montage feels like a tonally jarring choice against the violence and it’s one example of the music not quite working as well as it perhaps should.

The threat with the Swedes is okay but there’s also an undeniable feel that this could have been better and more menacing across the season. Thankfully this episode does increase the tension, courtesy of some expository text counting down to the alleyway scene. 

Ben being given more screen time is also an excellent idea too. Him acting geeky around Jill is one of the highlights of the episode. With the ending leaving things wide open, all eyes now turn to the business end of the show to see how things will develop from here.

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