The Umbrella Academy – Season 2 Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Light Supper

1961 – Allison

Episode 6 of The Umbrella Academy Season 2 begins with Allison stumbling out the alleyway, just like we saw in episode 1. Only, this time we see what happened after the diner incident. As she walks through the streets, she finds herself harassed by a group of men. Running for her life, she stumbles upon our familiar Beauty Parlor and hides from them inside.

With her throat still badly hurt from the Vanya incident, she’s unable to speak. Here she begins working and uses her wits to listen as Raymond meets her for the first time. After some time passes, Ray invites her out for dinner but it’s clear from Allison’s voice she’s still not fully recovered.


Back in 1963, Five continues to crush Lila’s windpipe until The Handler reveals that she’s her daughter. She also has a proposition for Five. If he can kill the Board Of Directors and allow The Handler to take over The Commission, she’ll allow Five and his friends to head back to 2019 and rewrite what’s happened.

Apparently the Board have never been seen but they do ave a financial meeting once a quarter. With that quarter fast approaching and The Handler having insider knowledge she knows where – and more importantly when – this occurs.

The Handler

The Handler arrives at a sauna and talks to the two remaining Swedes. Given what happened with their lost brother, she offers them the location of Diego and the others. In exchange for helping, they’re to leave Five alone and not hurt him.

Diego, Vanya and Luther

Luther, Diego and Vanya meanwhile continue to hang out at Elliot’s house. There, they discuss the implications of meeting Reginald and what that means for their family. He worries that their Father will manipulate them but agrees to stand together on a united front.


Klaus confronts his followers and admits that he’s a fraud. Hilariously though, Keechie stands up and calls himself a fraud too. Unfortunately this causes a brand new movement which sees him walk away, bemused and defeated.

With Ben trying in vain to stop him, Klaus heads back to his room and starts drinking again. Ben clearly isn’t happy though and as he confronts his alcoholic brother, dives inside Klaus and causes our mentally unstable guru to begin shivering. As he sits, mumbling on his knees, Dave arrives at his house.

As they talk, Klaus hands over the dog-tags he took from his lover up on that hill in Vietnam. It turns out Dave’s already enlisted but this has occurred a lot earlier in the timeline thanks to Klaus’ interference. When he leaves, Keechie scurries up to him and hands over Reginald’s invitation letter.


Allison admits the truth to Raymond – the whole truth. She heads back to the Diner soon after with him to show the powers in all their glory. She uses her Rumour to force the waiter to serve them but she starts to lose control. After scolding his hand with hot water, Ray stops her and the pair head home. When they do, Allison finds a letter of her own.

The Meal

The Umbrella Academy finally join together and the six siblings head up in the lift ready for the meeting. Reginald arrives not long after and immediately gets right to the crux of the issue. He asks them to use their powers and after some bickering, eventually do just that.

Reginald lets his thoughts be known to Diego while Ben tries to use Klaus in order to communicate with the others. Unfortunately this sees him fall flat on his face on the ground. As Reginald looks set to walk away, Luther suddenly stands up and shows his bare chest. “Look at what you did to me!” He barks as Reginald shakes his head in disbelief and walks away.

When he does though, he requests a moment with Five alone.

Five and Reginald sit together at the bar and drink while the rest of the Academy head home. Diego takes a detour though and warns his Mother not to trust Reginald.

Back in the bar though, Five and Reginald discuss his time travel powers. There, he offers some vague ideas about traveling through time with seconds rather than decades. Although this is actually pretty good foreshadowing for the season ahead, for now though it isn’t much help to Five.

With nowhere else to turn, Five heads in to meet The Handler and decides to take her up on the offer. Smiling, she hands over a slip with “The Lonely Lodger Inn, Wisconsin 1982” written on it.


After the meal, Sissy finds Vanya and together they drive together and find a secluded spot together. When they do, the pair start kissing again. Unbeknownst to them though, Carl happens to be watching from afar smoking a cigarette.

The Swedes

Elliot returns home and immediately finds himself captured by the two Swedes. They beat him down to the ground and ask where Diego is. Unfortunately when he fails to give them the answers they want, the pair kill him.

When Diego and Luther return home, they find blood patches and it leads them to Elliot’s dead body. With the Swedes nowhere to be found, what they do find on the ground is a message written in blood for Diego. Oga For Oga.

The Episode Review

In true Umbrella Academy fashion, the meal with Reginald shows just how dysfunctional this family is. Although they all share affection for one another, their antics together certainly produce some mixed results to say the least!

Klaus continues to deliver some of the best jokes of the series though but this episode balances that with some really heartfelt moments with Dave.

The rest of the cast have equally emotionally involving moments too and there’s plenty of melodrama to chew over here. All of this builds up to a big cliffhanger at the end with Elliot’s death.

Quite what will happen next remains to be seen but The Umbrella Academy is really starting to heat up now!

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