TXT – ‘The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION’ Album Review | An EP that’s worth being tempted by


Track Listing

Devil by the Window
Sugar Rush Ride
Happy Fools
Farewell, Neverland


One thing that has always been consistent with TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER) has been the brilliant quality of their albums. From full records to EPs, they have somehow managed to never disappoint. So, when I heard that they would be coming back with a new mini album – The Name Chapter – TEMPTATION – my ears immediately perked up.

On the Sugar Rush Ride until you drop

Following the popularity of their recent darker title tracks, Sugar Rush Ride comes as a bit of a surprise, as the release seems to be a renaissance of their fresh and cotton candy-like sound. And for the most part, that’s what it is. 

The song starts off with a funky pop melody, a style most reminiscent of their 2020 release Blue Hour. Over playful and catchy guitar riffs, the members thinly lay their vocals on the punchy beat, delivering unexpected yet mesmerising textures that seem to build up for an exuberant hook. But then, this all comes to a halt for the chorus. 

After a cheeky whisper, the beat dives down and the previously smooth vocals make way for a heavy breathing and a repetitive whistle, followed by a growling chant going ‘sugar-rush-rush’. Basically, the melody becomes your classic run-of-the-mill anti-drop. 

Although anti-drops can be quite fun when used right, they walk the fine line between being a playful turn of events and running the song straight into the ground. Producers must then make sure that either part of the song (before and after the anti-drop) are equally interesting and enticing, especially if the dual pieces are very different from one another (such as in this case).

That is where Sugar Rush Ride might fail for some listeners, as the bit before the chorus is just so addictive and compelling that the sudden switch up can feel more like a sour aftertaste. 

The anti-drop does soften a lot if you listen to the track multiple times, but with that it also loses the wow factor producers were most definitely going for. Ultimately, it becomes what seems to be a battleground for two different sounds, but neither side appears to be winning. 

The B-sides chapter 

The EP opens with Devil by the Window, which is both a robust opener and a strong song in itself. With its heavy drums and the way it plays with the members’ vocal ranges, the track reminds of their rock-inspired releases. Only this time, the producers’ hand is heavier on the pop elements. Plus, it is a great example of how to include an anti-drop and get away with it. 

Third track on the list is Happy Fools, a rap-pop tune featuring artist Coi Leray. Apart from the romantic bossa nova-style intro, the upbeat and cyclical production is the strongest aspect of the song, however it’s also where things fall apart.

The way the melody is able to flow well while intertwining the artists’ various vocal colours is commendable and satisfying, but the chorus may have benefited from a higher jump in energy. From beginning to end, the beat never lets you down – however, it also never lets you go up quite enough. 

Tinnitus (Wanna be a rock) is another track which pairs pop with an addictive beat, this time borrowing from Afro Pop. The catchiness of the melody is to be expected, as afrobeats can be quite captivating and alluring, so the way the group seems to fit the genre like a glove is the most welcome surprise of it all. Yes, its energy is kept quite static, but this decision matches the overall production of the song, and that is why it manages to come out on top.

For the last track on the EP, TXT opted to go out swinging with Farewell, Neverland. This rock-based pop track boasts delicate vocals from the members over acoustic guitar and a decisive rhythm that makes for a memorable tune.

The song’s only drawback is its shortness, since with only two real verses and choruses, it leaves listeners hanging by the end. Adding a bridge and an additional chorus would have elevated it, as it is already on the right track. 

An EP that’s worth being tempted by

All in all, The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION is a very peculiar body of work. None of the songs possess that immediate ‘it’ factor, despite all of them being fairly above average. As a record, it is more subdued and less buoyant than its predecessors, while having a more diversified and fascinating production overall. 

Most importantly, the record feels like a natural progression for both their concept and their discography. With its Peter Pan theme, this release provides a bridge between the whimsicality of teenage years, and the emotions of growing up. At the same time, this album feels fresher yet more mature in its sound.

Individually, the tracks may be a little hit-or-miss for most, but the cohesiveness and musicality of the record as a whole can easily make up for it. It is a nice testament to TXT’s growth as artists and symbolises a satisfying new chapter in their journey. 

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  • Verdict - 7.5/10

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