Two Worlds (Thai Bl) – Episode 9 Recap & Review

 The Wild Fruit 

Episode 9 of Two Worlds starts where we left off after Kram faints during the Ash Exchange Ceremony, and Tai rushes him to the hospital. Kram’s condition has deteriorated, and he is unconscious. The doctor says that the Lumana has spread, and if he does not regain consciousness in five days, they might lose him.

The following scenes start a countdown to the five-day deadline, and Tai’s friends and family take turns visiting them at the hospital since Tai does not leave Kram’s side. On day 2, Tai no longer wants to sit around and starts researching other ways to cure Kram with Phupha’s help. Online research says there is no cure for the disease, but Tai is not ready to give up, so he spends the next two days at the library reviewing books and other research materials. 

His research finally pays off on day 3 when he finds a book mentioning some wild fruit that can help cure Kram. The book says that some fruit known as the “blood Vessel” that grows in the jungle can be used to tame Lumana. Phupha thinks it is a dangerous mission to venture into the jungle to look for the fruit, but Tai does not want to give up.

Jao accompanies him, and Wayu gives him fireworks to use if he needs his help. Tai arrives too, and they search for the mysterious fruit travelling through the jungle and across the river day and night. When it becomes too dark, they make a campfire to rest, but Tai cannot sleep. He looks through his phone and recalls when he and Kram took the photo he was staring at. 

Jao wakes up and asks Tai why he chose Kram. Why is he willing to give up everything else for Kram? Tai says that Kram makes him smile and want to wake up to see another day. he is like the sunshine in the dark, and he says that Jao will understand when he finds someone who will make him feel the same way that he wants to spend the rest of his life with them.

Meanwhile, Phupha cares for Kram at the hospital since Tai left him in his care. Tai almost gives up in the jungle but remembers something written in the book. The book says that the fruit grows in a place that receives cold wind and hot sun, and he deciphers that it grows on a cliff. Luckily, he finally finds the fruit on day 4, and as they rush back to the hospital to give it to Kram, Jao slips into a hunter’s trap and gets hurt. Time is running out for Kram, so Jao asks Tai to go ahead and tend to Kram first so he can figure out how to get out of the pit. 

The fireworks that Wayu gives him are handy, and Jao shoots them to ask for help. Meanwhile, Tai arrives at the hospital and feeds Kram the blood fruit, but he does not react. At the hunter’s trap, Wayu finally arrives after so much time has passed, and Jao complains that he is hungry. Wayu gives him water first and then uses a rope to pull him out of the pit. Jao has a fever and faints because of the injury.

At the hospital, Kram is not yet awake, and Tai is still by his side, making a conversation to make him feel better. Kram dreams of Tai in their love cave and collapses in the dream and convulses on the hospital bed, scaring Tai and the doctors, who think that he is gone, but then he finally opens his eyes. Tai is overjoyed that Kram is out of danger, and Phupha brings him soup the following day. Madam Lu calls Tai and asks to talk to Kram. 

Back in the jungle, Wayu and Jao do not make it out since Jao cannot walk faster, and they end up crashing the night at a cabin in the woods. Jao and Wayu cannot sleep thinking about their childhood when they first met. Jao asks Wayu if he kissed him when he fell into the river because he could feel someone kissing him. Jao says he did not mind, but Wayu says he felt disgusted when kissing him.

The reason is that Jao was the first person who made him cry after he failed to keep his promise to take care of Wayu in their childhood and left with his family. Wayu is angry because it took him a long time to get over Jao, and then he shows up to complicate his feelings again. In response, Jao kisses Wayu and makes love in the abandoned cabin.

At the hospital, Kram’s mother visits him, and when he talks about his father, she notices similarities between his father and her dead husband. It turns out that Kram’s mother knows that Nop is Kram but not her Kram from this world. Kram talks to her about his dilemma of whether or not to leave this world, and she comforts her, saying that she is confident he will make the right choice.

Kram talks to Tai about his decision to return to his world, and he insists on going with him regardless of the consequences. Therefore, Kram tells Tai that the pond will turn blue at midnight, while Madam Lu tells him it will happen at eleven. Kram does not want Tai to accompany him since Madam Lu told them that if one meets their doppelgänger in the other world, they will hear a squeaky sound torturing them to death.

Kram leaves the hospital with sadness and tears and heads to the moonlight pond. The pond turns blue, as Madam Lu had told him when Tai suddenly arrived. He calls out to Kram but still jumps into the pond and leaves Tai screaming his name, unable to follow him to the other side. 

The Episode Review

In this episode, we solved the looming uncertainty about Kram’s disease as we went on a jungle adventure to find some weird, wild fruit that looked more like a red plum. In addition, the episode progresses Wayu and Jao’s relationship.

I have been constantly yearning to see what happened in World 1 after Kram fell into the pool, and it seems that we will get to experience it in the upcoming episode. We have one chapter left, and there is still room to wrap a few storylines. However, we will have to see the finale to fully grasp the fate of our beloved characters.

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