Two Worlds (Thai Bl) – Episode 7 Recap & Review

Who Is Trying To Kill Phupha?

Episode 7 of Two Worlds starts with a continuation of the flashback to what happened to Kram of World 1 as the memories somehow pass onto Kram of World 2. After getting together with Kram, Taii starts to get soft, and he gets hurt during a mission because he is sympathetic. Therefore, his father and Piak killed Kram’s father, tortured his mother, and also killed Kram. They had asked Tai to stay put, but he escaped from the house by jumping through the window, and that is when he found Kram on the verge of death in their home. After his death, Tai confronts his father, but he does not kill him. Jao says that after Kram’s death, Tai was living alone and depressed until he met Kram from World 2. 

Kram asks Jao if he can take the drawing of Tai with him since he has decided to go with Phupha to Bangkok. As he waits for Phupha and Wayu to get ready, Kram notices a note at the back of the painting saying that “once true loves created in the universe. No matter how far the distance, two hearts will find their way to one another.” The note finally helps him decide, and he apologises to Phupha and runs to Tai. He confesses his feelings, telling him that he might not be the Kram that Tai loves in this world, but he is the other Kram that loves him. Tai responds by saying that although Kram is not the same Kram he fell in love with, he has also fallen in love with him. 

Tai and Kram are now dating and spend the night together in each other’s arms. The following morning, Kram wakes up early to prepare breakfast, and they have sweet banter, with Kram whining when Tai talks about the other Kram. Suddenly, their lovey-dovey moment is interrupted by Wayu when he staggers into their door with bandages all over his upper torso and tells them that Phupha was kidnapped. 

Wayu tells them what happened, and we see it in a flashback. On their way to Bangkok, Phupha’s father called him to say he was taking Janda to Chiangmai for a week to visit her mother. Phupha orders Wayu to turn back, and they head to Janda’s office to investigate since Phupha thinks that Janda is the one trying to kill him. He finds his surveillance pictures taped under a desk drawer, which confirms his suspicion. On their way out, they are attacked by the masked man with a sword, and suddenly, his aunt Satreekj shows up with his men, scaring the masked man. However, the man had already attacked, and Wayu got hurt while protecting Phupha. 

Satreekj asks Phupha to leave everything to her, and she will talk to Phupha’s father and Janda. Phupha gives her the photos and leaves after patching up Wayu. On the way, Satreekij calls Phupha and tells him that his father and Janda confessed to leaving him dead since they knew he was not Adisak’s real son. Phupha heads back to talk to his aunt, and she offers him water. She convinces him that they want him dead because he insists on taking over the company while he is not Adisak’s son. 

On the way out, Phupha notices that Satreekj’s shoes are tied the way his father had taught him when he was young. He told him to tie his shoelaces in double knots when he is in trouble, and his teachers will know he needs help. Therefore, Phupha discovers that Sateekj is the bag guy, so he excuses himself from using the bathroom. Inside, he texts Wayu and asks him to find a way to escape. He sees a bag with some white powder in it and realises that the water was drugged, and he soon loses consciousness. Adiska had offered to tie up Satreekj’s laces to signal Phupha that he was in danger. 

Satreekj takes Phupha to where she is holding his father and Janda hostage. While Adisak is cuffed up in a dark room, Janda is dead on a seat in another room. Satreekj’s men tell her that Phupha is awake and take him to join his father. She says that the reason he is holding them hostage is that Adisak chose Phupha as his successor even though he knows he is not his son, and instead, he names her, his blood sister, the heir. 

Left alone in the room, Adisak tells Phupha about the story between his birth father and mother. Wiroj was dating Phupha’s mother but was in love with Adisak, so he broke it off with her. Phupha’s mother then went to Adisak, whom she knew was in love with her, and told him that she was expecting his baby, so they got married. Wiroj was heartbroken, and he left, wishing them the very best. Adisak realised that Phuphs was Wiroj’s baby seven years later when his mother confessed in a letter before committing suicide. At first, Adisak was so angry that he wanted to kill Phupha, but he could not bring himself to and decided to love and raise him as his son. Phuphs apologises to Adisak for doubting him, and they hug it out before Satreekj uses gas to knock them out. 

When they come to, they are all seated around a dining table, and Adisak is heartbroken to see Janda dead. Outside, Wayu, Jao, and Kram wait as Tai attempts a rescue. Inside, Satreekj plans to kill Phupha and then his father and make it look like they all killed each other, and she can finally own Khumfah. She passes a bottle of wine to Phupha, asking him to pour her a glass, and when she sips, she starts coughing and struggling to breathe. Phupha had taken the bag of poison that Sajreekj used to drug him and secretly added it to the bottle of wine. Satreekj coughs blood and then passes out on the table dead. Meanwhile, Tai fights his way into the location and meets up with Phupha, whom Chat attacks.

The masked man throughout the series is Chat, and he was working for Satreekj. Phupha asks his father to escape and look for help. Chat gets ready to strike Phupha dead when Tai suddenly intervenes. Chat says that he will kill Tai and get revenge for his brother. Chat has a sword, while Tai has a knife, so he has an advantage. Tai is swifter, so he stabs Chat through the heart. Adisak makes it out and finds Wayu, Kram, and Jao waiting. When he realises Tai is in danger, Kram attempts to go after him, but Jao holds him back. They are relieved when Tai and Phupha make it out unharmed. At the end of the episode, Tai asks Kram to join the Ash ceremony with him.

The Episode Review

Two Worlds has many plotlines, and each episode or few episodes follows a specific story. The only consistent narrative follows the development of Kram and Tai’s love story and how the different events shape its progress. However, the plotline in this episode felt rushed and half-developed, especially regarding what happened between Wiroj, Adisak, and Phupha’s mother.

Did Phupha’s mother lie to Adisak about the pregnancy as revenge against Wiroj? Did Adisak feel the same about Wiroj? Why did Adisak choose to marry Phupha’s mother? The series is unpredictable, and we have no idea what to look forward to in the next episode. However, I think about World 1 and hope the series can take us back there to see what has happened since Kram fell into the Moonlight Pond. 

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