Two Worlds (Thai Bl) – Episode 6 Recap & Review

A Flashback into Tai and Kram’s Relationship in World 2

Episode 6 of Two Worlds starts where we left off, with Tai and Kram kissing. Next, Kram is in the house the following morning thinking about the kiss, and he is trying to make himself understand why he kissed Tai when he should be into Phupha. Kram decides to avoid Tai for the next few days, so he leaves when Tai arrives to invite him for breakfast and stays at his mother’s house for a few days. Tai knows that Kram is avoiding him, and the situation stresses him out when he suddenly gets a call from Phupha. He invites him to try out suits from his new collection, and he meets Kram, all dressed up. Tai is initially reluctant but agrees when Kram says he wants to see Tai dress up. Tai chooses a grey suit while Kram chooses a white one, and he likes how he and Tai look good together. 

Phupha holds a thank you party for everyone who has been helping him. At the party, Jao gets drunk and complains to Wayu about Tai being into Kram, and he hopes that Kram will end up with Phupha. Wayu reminds him that Phupha is engaged and suggests that if he wants to get over Tai, he should find somebody new, but his suggestion frustrates Jao since forgetting someone is not as easy. Meanwhile, Tai tries to converse with Kram but keeps avoiding him. 

Phupha notices Kram leaving the room and heading outside the balcony to be alone, and he follows him, wanting to understand what is bothering him. Kram tries to ask for advice from Phupha about his situation where he is falling for Tai while he thinks he is in love with Phupha, but he uses a third-person story. Phupha feels that if it were him, he would stick to the first person he fell in love with since people tend to get distracted quickly by new things. Therefore, the new feelings could just be temporary. 

After the party, they all take Jao home first because he is wasted, and Kram suggests that Tai stay at Jao’s if he does not feel okay. Tai insists on going home alone and rejects Kram’s offer to take him home. Before he leaves, Tai asks Kram to care for himself, and he will keep the promise to look after Phupha alone. He asks Kram to ask his mother for help if he needs anything and wishes him luck. Kram holds him back and asks if Tai is leaving him alone, but Tai tells him that he has decided to leave Tai. Kram stands rooted at the same spot as he watches Tai walk away.

In the following days, Tai is depressed, and he snaps at Jao when he comes to his place and tries to make a conversation about cleaning his house. Elsewhere, Phupha asks to see Kram and asks that he join him on a trip to Bangkok. He wants to escape the danger in Rattha for a few months and wants Kram to go with him since he feels safer with Kram around. 

After the meeting, Kram heads to Tai’s place but cannot find Tai around. Inside the previous Kram’s room, he finds a drawing similar to the one he had made of Tai in his world. Jao arrives and tells Kram that the previous Kram used to date Tai. He also tells him about what happened three years ago. 

Flashback to three years earlier, Kram is walking in the forest when he finds a rabbit tied to a pole. He tries to save the rabbit but gets caught in a cage after he pulls the pole off the ground. A tiger appears, and Tai scares it away and helps Kram out of the cage. That was the first time Kram and Tai had met in this world. Kram suddenly gets a headache, as if he was transported to the scene three years earlier. Kram comes across Tai asleep in the forest, leaning on a tree, and he makes a drawing of him. The thunder starts rumbling, and he wakes Tai before he leaves. Tai jerks awake and puts a knife to his neck, but he calms down when he sees the painting. He offers to buy it, but Kram says he will give it to him if he becomes his friend.

Tai does not want to be Kram’s friend, so he leaves, but Kram runs after him. It starts to rain, so Tai takes them to his shed in the cave. Tai makes a fire, and they stay in the cave waiting out the storm, but the rain does not stop, so they stay for the night. Kram is freezing, and Tai lies beside him to keep him warm. The following day, Kram wakes up in the hospital, and the doctor says that Tai had carried him there from the cave. Before he leaves, he gives Tai the drawing he had made of him. 

Later, Tai and Kram walk along the river since it is his last day around. Kram is disappointed that Tai is leaving since he will not have any friends around, but Tai reminds him that he is not his friend and wants to become something more. He gives Kram a flower bura and asks that he return to the Big Slum with him after asking for his parent’s permission, and Kram agrees. Kram follows Tai to his home, and their relationship continues to blossom as they wash clothes together in the river, enjoy breakfast, and enjoy every moment together. Therefore, Tai gets on one knee and asks Kram to join him in an Ash Exchange Ceremony. Kram agrees and promises to be with Tai for the rest of his life. Tai shows Kram just how much he loves him as he makes love to him all night long. At the end of the episode, Por is seen in the bushes, watching Tai and Kram’s intimate moments.

The Episode Review

The episode gives us a backstory of Tai and Kram’s relationship in this world. It makes one wonder how Kram falls in love with Phupha in one universe while he falls in love with Tai in another when their experiences in the different worlds are too similar. Did Kram falling in love with Phupha create an anomaly in his world that led to Phupha’s death? Those who understand the rules of the multiverse better can probably help us learn more in the comments section below. The tiger scene got me thinking about Tai’s scar in World 1.

Did he get it when he saved Kram from the tiger? I remember Kram kept talking about a rabbit he had saved, but there was no mention of the tiger or the cage. Did Por kill Kram? What will happen between Kram and Tai in the next episode? 

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