Two Worlds (Thai Bl) – Episode 5 Recap & Review

The Beginning of TaiKram

Episode 5 of Two Worlds starts with Tai settling Kram in the cave and heading out to look for food when Kram falls asleep. During the meal, Kram wants to know why Tai took so long to find him, and Tai narrates what he was doing before finding Kram. Por had instructed him to kidnap the son of the police officer who was after him, and they were scouting his location, ready for capture. Jao calls Tai and informs him about Por’s plan to get him out of the way so he can kidnap Kram and Phupha. 

After realising Por is playing him, Tai devises a plan to stop him, so he abducts both Bank and Ton. Ton is the son of the big boss behind all the illegal businesses in the area, and even Por is afraid of him. His friends help Tai make Ton look like Bank, and he delivers Ton to Por.

Por asks Piak to take a video of him and the person he thinks is Bank, and he tells the police officer Kriangkrai that he will release his son if he stops trying to arrest him. Por changes his mind and decides to shoot Bank, but his son realises Tai has played him. Piak is frightened when Por takes off the mask covering Bank’s head and sees that the person they just killed is Ton. 

The night is cold and rainy, so Kram and Tai snuggle under a thin blanket. Kram tells Tai about the times he spent with his father in the jungle near a campfire, like the time they spent in the cave. Kram and his father had gone out to draw, and they got lost, so they spent the night in a similar environment.

When they fall asleep, Tai dreams of the moments he spent with his father after his mother’s death, but they are not as pleasant. Por finds Tai crying because his friends bully him. However, instead of comforting him, Por starts to beat him up, saying that he will punish him every time he lets his friends hit him and not hit him back. Tai says he does not want to hurt his friends, but Por continues to beat him.

Tai jerks up from his sleep, waking up Kram in the process. Kram helps him calm down by placing his hands on Tai’s ears, as his father used to do for him whenever he had a bad dream. The following day, Por and Piak arrive at Kram’s mother’s house and threaten them into revealing Tai’s location.

Later that night, Krama and Tai are bantering about Kram not eating his food when they follow each other outside the cave and run into Por and Piak. Tai orders Kram to run away as he tries to threaten Por with a knife. Por moves closer to Tai and boldly asks what he will do to him this time or if he will watch him hurt Kram as he did three years earlier.

In a flashback to three years before, Tai arrives at his house and cannot find Kram. He hysterically looks around, calling out Kram’s name, and finds him hiding in the inner room. As soon as Tai holds him in his arms, Kram collapses and dies. Tai angrily storms into his father’s warehouse, killing everyone on his way. He confronts his father, who confesses that he killed Kram because he makes Tai weak. Por dares Tai to kill him and become the big boss, but he does not. Instead, he tells Por they no longer have affiliation and walks out. 

Back to the present in the jungle, Por stabs Tai in the chest, takes him back to the warehouse, and ties him to a pole. He tries to force him to concede and agree to join his business, but Tai does not barge. Some of Por’s men try to plead for Tai’s life, but he kills them. Meanwhile, Phupba and Wayu meet with Adisak when Jao and Kram storm into the office. They ask for Phupha’s help to save Tai before Por executes him, but he says they are in big trouble since Tai got the big boss’s son killed, and Khumfah might be in trouble if he helps save Tai. 

However, Jao has a plan, and Wayu accompanies him to sneak into the warehouse and get Piak’s phone so they can recover the video of Por shooting Ton. They do not expect Por and his men to be at the warehouse, so Jao captures himself and gives Wayu a chance to escape with the phone. Wayu recovers the video and edits it to make it look like Por wanted to kill the big boss’s son and that it was not a misunderstanding.

The big boss and his men storm into Por’s warehouse, killing Piak and freeing Jao and Tai. However, Por does not explain the misunderstanding to the Big Boss to save Tai; instead, he takes the opportunity to turn things around and kill the Big Boss and his men. 

Por hands the gun to Tai to kill him so he can save himself from the aftermath of killing the big boss. He can make it look like Por killed Big Boss, so Tai killed Por as a payback. As Tai trails the gun at his father, he remembers the first time he tried to teach him how to kill a person and how he moved the gun at the last minute and fired past the man. Tai can’t kill his father, and Por decides to kill himself and leaves the gang to Tai. 

As he watches his father’s body sprawled on the ground, Tai remembers his words growing up when he insisted that Tai should learn to kill when people bug him since there is nothing like friendship in his line of work. Tai buries Por beside his mother, and when Kram consoles him for his father’s death, he tells him there is no need to because the man is no longer his father.

Kram tries to cheer up Tai as he keeps thinking back to the awful things he did to him growing up, such as calling Tai a wuss when he kept crying after his mother’s death. Por tries to teach him to be strong since he misses his wife as much as Tai misses his mother. Tai would hug his father when he saw him crying, and once in a while, his father would hug him back and comfort him. 

Tai tells Kram that although he was not a good man, he still remembers the day he hugged him. He wonders why he is sad that his father is dead when he should be happy that he is gone. Kram hugs Tai and says that he will stay with him no matter what and will do anything to make him feel better, and Tai should tell him. Tai leans in and kisses Kram gently, and Kram kisses him back. 

The Episode Review

The episode clears up the confusion about Tai’s estranged relationship with his father. The editing connecting the flashbacks to the present is impressive and not hasty like other episodes. The acting picked up, and everyone played their parts perfectly. We are almost mid-series, and it seems like the past has caught up to the present, so the narrative will most likely advance in this world.

The kiss is unexpected, but MaxNat delivers as it should since the chemistry is always top-notch. The only question we ask ourselves is whether Tai is falling in love with Kram from World 1 or if he is using his lingering feelings for the dead Kram. The episode leaves the viewers satisfied and looking forward to what happens next in World 2. There is still the mystery of who is trying to kill Phupha and if it is connected to what happened in World 1. 

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