Two Worlds (Thai Bl) – Episode 4 Recap & Review

Phupha’s Decision

Episode 4 of Two Worlds starts with Wiroj’s burial in the forest and Phupha asking Run to hide out in Bangkok while he investigates whoever is after his life at Khumfah. Tai asks Jao to take his car, and together with Wayu, they drive out to take Run to Bangkok. Along the way, Jao and Wayu reconnect as they bicker, argue, and reminisce about the good times when they were close friends in childhood. 

Tai takes Phupha to hide out in Jao’s house since it is away from everyone and Jao is barely home. Kram wonders who will care for Phupha, and Tai asks him to stay with Phupha. However, their interactions with Kram show Phupha’s concern because his wounds make Tai jealous, and he storms out.

Kram follows him, wanting to understand why Tai is angry with him, and in the process, they bump into each other and fall to the ground. Tai and Kram intensely gaze into each other’s eyes, and Tai almost kisses Kram, but he controls himself and leaves. 

In the next scene, we are introduced to Tai’s father, Por. He is a violent man, and he kills a man, claiming that his opponent is cheating at the gambling house. Por’s right-hand man, Piak, informs him that Tai is hiding something and is sent to bring Jao to Por. Jao arrives home and finds Piak waiting, and he accompanies him to see Por. Since Jao is not forthcoming about what Tai is hiding, Piak holds out his hand as Por stabs a knife through his hand, and he cries out in pain. 

Meanwhile, Phupha asks Wayu to investigate Kram since he feels he is hiding something from them. Elsewhere, Kram finds Tai taking a dip in the river, and he thinks that Tai is angry with him because he no longer wants to help him. Tai assures Kram that he will keep his promise and always help him; he can never hate him. 

Later, Tai arrives home and finds his father waiting for him. From their conversation, we learn that the two have not talked to each other for three months, and the last time they had a confrontation, Tai held a knife to his father’s throat. Por has a job for Tai and wants him to kidnap a police officer’s son to scare them, so they stop going after his casinos. Por blackmails him using Kram’s mother and shows him a video of Piak hovering around her house. 

Elsewhere, Wayu updates Phupha on his findings about Kram and tells him that he resembles Kram, who is believed to be dead, and that his death is related to Por. Phupha thinks Kram is getting close to them because he wants their help taking out Por. As he is puzzled about the situation, Piak arrives and asks Phupha to go with him to see his boss.

At the same time, Kram arrives, hits Piak, and gives them enough time to escape from Piak. While they rest, Phupha tells Kram that he tricked them and how he thinks that he is the Kram who died three years ago and wants them to help him take revenge. 

Kram holds Phupha’s hands to convince him that he is not the person he thinks he is and asks for his trust, although he cannot tell him everything. When they hold hands, Phupha sees flashes of memories of the other Phupha and the intimate times spent with Kram, which soon puts him in a daze.

Wayu arrives with the car, and they escape from Piak, but he catches up with them when they stop at a gas station. Piak and his men take Wayu and Phupha first, but Kram is not with them since he stepped out to go to the bathroom. Seeing Phupha and Wayu being taken, Kram runs away, but Piak sees him and gives chase.

Kram runs through a forest, but he trips and falls, and when he loses consciousness, he thinks back to when he had sprained his foot and Tai carried him. When he comes to, Piak is standing over him, and in the next scene, he is standing in a warehouse with Wayu and Phupha as Por and Piak arrive. 

After Phupha explains the situation, Por realises there was a misunderstanding since he thought they were working with Tai to come after him. Regardless, he is unwilling to let them go, and he plays a Russian roulette game with them, saying that whoever survives will be free to leave.

All three have a chance to hold the gun to their head and shoot, and if they fail to, Piak will shoot them. Phupha is the first, then Wayu, and then Kram. To Por’s disappointment, they all survive the lethal game, and he changes the rules, asking Phupha to choose one person to save between Kram and Wayu. 

In the following scenes, Kram is tied to a pole in the middle of another warehouse, and he flashes back to when Phupha was asked to choose, showing us that he chose to leave with Wayu and left Kram. Kram’s mother and Dueandao show up at night and give him some water, but they have to leave fast when they hear someone approaching. Meanwhile, Phupha feels regretful for leaving Kram behind since he has been trying to save him since their paths crossed. 

On the second day, Kram’s mother and Dueandao show up to save him, but a guard arrives. Kram pleads for their lives, and he lets them go. Later that day, Por arrives with a masked man with a machete. As the cold blade touches Kram’s neck, memories he had created since he came to the other world after Phupha’s death flash through his mind.

The butcher man lifts the machete, and Kram waits for the pain, but it never comes as the man cuts the ropes, tying him instead. He takes off his mask and a gun, trailing it at Por. Kram is relieved to see that the person is Tai. 

Por’s men outnumber Tai, but suddenly, Phupha and his men appear, and we see how he decides to rescue Kram. Por tells Piak to let them go, and once outside, Phupha and Tai split up as Wayu follows Phupha, and Tai takes Kram to a hidden cave far from everyone.

Kram is furious that Tai took a long time to save him when he had promised to always take care of him. Kram thinks he is worthless, so Phupha leaves him, and Tai disappears. At the end of the episode, Tai hugs Kram and apologises. 

The Episode Review

The episode lacks plot development, adding to the confusion of whatever is happening in the series. Although it tries to advance the romance story between Kram and Tai, the process feels unnatural, hasty, and forced. Since it is the series’ fourth episode, one would have expected that the script would solidify the background and take a clear way forward, but we are still in the development stage with so much content lacking in terms of mystery and suspense.

The narrative is incoherent and all over the place, making it impossible to understand the storyline or what to expect. The character performances are lacking, probably due to the sluggish script, but Tai and Kram’s performances deserve applause.

The two have found a way to keep the audience’s attention, especially how Tai keeps his eyes on Kram throughout as if he is the centre of his universe and how Kram depends on him to the extent of getting frustrated when he takes his time before saving him. Therefore, we will definitely tune in for the next episode to experience more of the MaxNat chemistry. 

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