Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review

Jammie Dodgers

The season 1 finale of Two Weeks To Live rounds everything out nicely at the end while leaving enough plot threads open for a second season.

The episode itself begins with the group making it back to the cabin but tensions are obviously high between Nicky and Kim. Just before settling in however, a bell sounds. Tina and Kim both head outside purposefully with guns. Only, they find Beth trapped in one of the nets. Unfortunately this also brings Brooks and his group up to the cabin given they planted a tracker in her belongings.

Realizing Brooks will be upon them soon, Kim heads out and sets up some bear-traps. Outside the cabin, Beth and Jay finally open up and start being truthful to one another. Jay reveals he knows about the baby. Beth meanwhile shows him baby photos and the two finally reconcile their differences.

Kim however, walks right into a trap as Nicky is used as bait. Brooks and his men step out from the bushes and confront them. Unfortunately Tina walks into the exact same trap. As we soon find out, Tina (or Jo as she’s called here) used to be a cop in another life. They were also partners too. Even worse, Tina’s also the reason for Kim’s father dying.

With some quick thinking, both Kim and Tina manage to work together and thwart the goons. In the ensuing skirmish though, Tina is wounded and down injured. As everything ends in yet another stand-off, Kim and Tina discuss her secret. After some heartwarming moments together, Tina comes out of hiding and holds a gun up to Brooks.

Although Brooks gives her the option of walking away, Thompson is having none of it. She holds a gun up to them but it’s Nicky who manages to thwart the threat. As Thompson backs up, she steps on a landmine.

With the threat over for now, Kim goes her separate way from the group. With Brooks still alive, he stands alongside Tina and admits they “didn’t tell her everything”. This appears to be hinting that perhaps he’s actually her real Father. Only if that’s the case then who was the man on the ground? Will we ever find out? We’ll have to wait and see if this one is green-lit or not.

The Episode Review

Aside from the big stand-off at the end there really isn’t a lot going on here at the end. Beth and Jay reconcile their differences, Nicky has absolutely no character growth at all and Kim finally decides to tackle the world herself. Brooks establishes himself as a key player here but nothing is really explained in that much detail.

What happened to Jimmy’s body? Was it investigated? What about the bodies in the woods? Given the intriguing set-up with the end of the world, I can’t help but feel this may have been a better set-up had the boys been captured by Kim. With her believing the end is nigh (thanks to Jay’s prank), she takes them back to the cabin and the two boys are stuck in this alien, isolated world riding out the end of the world.

This perhaps may have played better into the comedy side of things but alas the show doesn’t go in that direction. Instead, the end of the world gig is completely abandoned, along with Jimmy’s “Joe” cry (what was that about anyway?) to produce an indifferent ending to an indifferent series.

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1 thought on “Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 6 (Finale/Ending) Recap & Review”

  1. I am sorry but I think you need to rewatch this; there were key things you seemed to have missed.

    You seemed to have missed the fact that kims mom is actually jo, and they were partners, hence why jimmy muttered tell jo while dying.
    Nicky stepped on the landmine when he was going to apologize to Kim, and accidentally steps on a land mine, she goes back to disable the fuse/make sure its not active, and comes up with a signal word for when its ok for nicky to move.after discussing with her mom, Kim discovers it is for training and it has a delay. When she goes back brooks and his men have nicky amd get kim. Then kim comes out when brooks points the gun. This is important because after Thompson shoots brooks, kim says the keyphrase (cant remember exaxtly what it was) so Nicky tackles her, and when thompson is about to run away tina/jo yells wait, and the mine goes off.

    Jimmys body was takin and assumingly reported by the crooked cops, because they are still cops (hence why jay in previous ep was being used as an informant for the i vestigation to jimmys death) and the bodies in the woods were buried?

    I dont mean to be rude, and hope the writer sees this, because it’s for the above mentioned things as to why i enjoyed this show so much, hoping maybe if you look back and catch these things, you may come to appreciate/enjoy it more.

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