Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review

Number 16

Episode 5 of Two Weeks to live begins with Jay revealing to the group that he left the tracker inside one of his customer’s orders. This brings the duo of crooked cops to the wrong house. Meanwhile, Jay sits down and admits what he did and apologises to the group.

Unhappy with his betrayal, Tina looks ready to shoot him dead… until Jay receives a call from Beth. Only…it’s not Beth. It’s actually Brooks. Jay’s decision to keep the money has come back to bite him. Tina grabs the phone and takes charge of the situation. She agrees to meet Brooks and exchange the money, hanging up.

As they all wait in the diner parking lot, Jay puts his heart on the line and face-times Beth, asking her to marry him. Only, she’s hesitant and not so sure. Defeated, Jay hangs the phone up. As he does, Nicky steps out the car and hugs him.

Kim meanwhile spies Brooks approaching and heads off with the bag full of cash. Confronted with these two crooked cops, Kim looks set to hand over the bag. Only, Tina realizes her daughter may be about to die and bundles her in the car.

A chase ensues, leading to Brooks and Thompson stopped in their tracks. In the clear for now, Tina decides to turn off the main road and camp outside.

There, home truths are revealed as Jay reveals some encouraging words from an unlikely source – Tina. While they talk, Brooks makes a deal with Thompson. They’re going to undermine their boss Terri and split the money 50/50 between them.

Meanwhile, Kim opens herself up to kiss Nicky. Just after they do, she finds out Nicky went through her book. This, predictably, doesn’t go down well and a betrayed Kim walks away. As she does, it turns out Brooks and Thompson actually put a tracker on Kim’s car. As she races up to their location, Brooks and Thompson watch on.

The Episode Review

The reveal with Nicky and the book is a great inclusion and seeing her betrayed by someone she’s growing closer to is certainly a tough moment for her. Unfortunately everything around this moment just feels so indifferent and forgettable. There isn’t anything all that exciting or memorable and the crazy twists and turns aren’t enough to enhance either the comedy or the drama.

Hopefully the story can stick a decent ending but right now it’s hard to see how after such an indifferent season.

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