Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review

The Truth Will Out

Episode 4 of Two Weeks To Live begins back at the station as Jay heads in to talk to Brooks.  Realizing they may be on to something, he immediately phones Thompson and asks her for an immunity form. With this small detail sorted, Jay admits that a girl wanted revenge. This was the catalyst that started everything and he feigns self defence. As they get talking, Brooks mentions the money and Jay is immediately caught out.

Playing the ol’ shifty eyes routine, he tells them he doesn’t know what they’re talking about. As fate would have it, Brooks and Thompson were convinced Ian killed Jimmy. Only, Jay’s story throws that completely out the window

Before heading back up to Scotland, Tina allows Kim to do one thing from her bucket list before heading home. This happens to be going to a funfair. After a day on the rides, the trio head to a supermarket where Kim is amazed at the amount of food. However, she also finds out her pollution pills are actually just mints in disguise. This throws her into quite the existential crisis as everything she’s known has been a lie.

Meanwhile, the two officers task Jay with working their covert operation. Unbeknownst to him, they’re obviously using him to get the money back. Beth shows up at work not long after and questions him over the bag full of money. Instead, he quickly brushes it off and encourages her to leave.

Meanwhile, Kim lets go of her past and says goodbye to her Father. It’s a touching scene and as she opens the box she finds… a DVD? Back at the house she puts it in the DVD player and finds out it’s all to do with cricket. The Ashes to be precise. Tina apologises to Kim but it’s not enough. She struggles to forgive her Mother for all these lies.

Unfortunately they have bigger fish to fry when Jay shows up and reveals all. Jimmy’s as crooked as can be and he’s actually one of Jimmy’s inside men. Just before they leave, a knock at the door startles them.

The Episode Review

With a few nice jokes peppered in (namely Kim’s stab wounds and trying in vain to calm a young girl down), the episode itself relies heavily on its melodrama to carry it through the episode. There’s a lot of home truths and angst at play here and it’s acted out pretty well.

Unfortunately it also comes at the expense of introducing new antagonists into the fold through Brooks and Thompson, who don’t get an awful lot to work with here.

Two Weeks To Live really doesn’t have a lot that stands out from other shows of its kind and the series as a whole feels a bit messy and frenetic. It’s definitely watchable enough though and the short episodes are enough to stick it out for the long haul. Let’s hope this one ends with a bang!

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