Two Weeks To Live – Season 1 Episode 3 Recap & Review


The Crooked Cop

Episode 3 of Two Weeks To Live begins with Tina snatching up her daughter and driving away from Jimmy’s house. As Kim admits to her that Jimmy is dead, her Mother’s demeanour suddenly changes.


Back at the house, the two boys argue over the best way of dealing with this situation. Jay wants to take off with the money, partly thanks to his issues with Beth and believes the money will solve everything. Eventually the duo come to an agreement and head back inside.

Unfortunately, Ian is ready for them. He holds a gun up and threatens to shoot. Just before he fires however, Tina returns and stabs him with a crossbow. With Tina joining them, the group work together to try and clean the crime scene. They destroy the camera feeds, wipe everything down and race away from the building.

They’re just in time too. Two shadowy figures by the name of Thompson and Brooks arrive at Jimmy’s house with guns brandished. As they look around, they realize that Jimmy is dead. One of these men, Brooks, goes on the hunt for Ian.

Meanwhile, Nicky and Jay take Tina and Kim back home where they all have a drink and contemplate what to do next. A confused Kim heads out for some air where Nicky joins and the two start to connect about their lives. While Jay stays back, Nicky, Tina and Kim head out to the middle of the woods to bury the evidence.

Back in the car, Nicky decides to open Kim’s book and take a peek at what’s inside. As he goes through the list, someone walks right past the car and heads straight for the duo. That shadowy figure hones in on them but – thanks to a clever bit of editing – it turns out this man isn’t actually after Kim and Tina. This random passerby shines a light and shows Brooks and Thompson. They’ve killed Ian’s Mother and as a witness, this guy’s killed too.

At the police station, the camera pans up to reveal Brooks is actually a crooked police officer. There’s also a witness there ready to admit everything. Uh oh.

The Episode Review

Alas, the plot thickens. The nice bit of editing at the end is a good touch and the episode itself does well to add more depth to Jay’s character. However, there really isn’t that much to really cling to in this series. None of the characters are that memorable and while the show thrives on its big twists and shocking reveals, there’s not enough momentum to carry that through some of its more sentimental moments.

Still, we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out going forward and as we cross the halfway point, anything could happen next.


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